A Great Start To School

Miss Nidds

The new children in classes 1 and 2 have had a great first week at school.  We have been very busy meeting all the new children in our classes as well as going on a tour of the school to see where to go for lunch, where we will be doing our IT lessons, the library and to meet the older children.

I love going to school because I like playing with my friends Dakota and Debora – Sophia (Class 1)

I like going to school because I like to do drawing and colouring in – Kensa (Class 2)

We have had our first phonics lesson where we practised saying and writing the letter ‘s’ and we had a delicious school dinner in the hall.  We’ve also been busy doing PE and practising our counting to 10!

I love school because when we play with the mobilo I’m very sneaky at getting the toys out – Finley (Class 1)

I can write my name. It starts with a big ‘s’ – Skye (Class 2)

We are looking forward to a great year and have lots planned. Our first topic will be ‘ourselves’ and we will be having a go at some self-portraits in the coming weeks!

On Fridays we are looking forward to learning some French with Mr Emery and some music with Mr Jones and are busy practising our singing ready for Harvest Festival in a few weeks time.

I loved playing with the parachute – Nicholas (Class 2)

I love school because I like playing outside and with the castles – Will (Class 1)