Under the Sea With Oshi.

Miss Aspden

Class 1 had an inspirational experience of visiting the Falmouth Maritime museum. We learnt all about the different boats in the museum and how they are powered. We saw how the boats are made up of different parts and found out what the hull, keel, mast, and sails do. Next, we had the opportunity to make our own boats using the knowledge we had just learnt about what we would need to make our boats sail. We then had great fun racing our boats against each other on the boating pool. Amelie’s boat was the champion and she was delighted to be the overall winner of the boat races.

We saw flying boats, we made a boat we put it in some water, we did races with them – Hazel.

I saw a sail, it moves the boat along with the wind. My sail was a triangle, I had a straw as the mast to hold the sail up. The front of the boat is the bow. I liked seeing Oshi – Ada


We also met Oceana, a sea sprite from the Lost Land of Lyonesse. The children helped Oshi retell her story of how the Lost Land of Lyonesse, where Oshi used to live,  was once part of Cornwall but a great storm blew up and the sea swept over Lyonesse. The city sank to the bottom of the sea and the magical Cornish sea sprites and mer people saved Oceana and many of her friends and family and they now live at the bottom of the sea. We used musical instruments to recreate this exciting story.

We made a story up with Oshi. In the story I have to do the rain. There was also thunder and wind. She showed us some treasure – Maisie

After the story we were excited to see what treasures she had in her treasure chest. She explained to the children that treasure wasn’t just sparkly jems and jewels, but anything that is special to them. She showed us some things that have been caught in fishing nets including a cannon ball, a port hole, part of an old ship, a killer whales tooth, a very old pot and part of an old leather boot.


She brought out some treasure. She showed us a rusty ball a cannon ball, we saw part of a pirate ship with nails in and we saw part of an old boot – James

We saw Oshi, she is a sea sprite. She lives in the sea water. She gave us a shell. When you hold the shell and sing the song on the beach she will come. Oshi Oshi of the sea please wake up and play with me – Alex


Through hands on discovery, imagination and role play, the experience at the museum empowered children with excitement confidence and skills to hopefully begin a life-long enjoyment of museums.