Year 6 Explore Islam With Daya

Mr Stanlake

In Year 6 this term we have been studying Islam in RE. We have learnt all about the 5 Pillars, the importance of prayer, the Qur’an, fasting and the pilgrimage to Mecca.

We also had the opportunity to host Daya, for day. Daya is a Religious Education specialist who lives in Cornwall. During the day we had the chance to ask her a whole host of questions and discuss how not only Islam, but various different religions around the world have differing and interestingly similar beliefs.

The children talked at length about respect, respecting each others views and beliefs.

Throughout the day, we looked at the life of someone who follows the religion of Islam, a muslim, the importance of the mosque and the role it plays in Islamic culture. We also had the chance to dress in some traditional Indian clothing, learn some Indian dance and finally try some homemade potato curry along with the chapatti breads that we made in class.