Thomas is an official Internet Legend!

A few weeks ago Thomas came to see me with some fantastic drawings that he’d done after the Google Be Internet Legends assembly.  He spent hours drawing and colouring his creations and put in so much effort that I thought it’d be nice to send a copy to the team who helped organise the assembly.

They were so impressed with his enthusiasm and knowledge of E-Safety that they asked him a few questions about what he’s been learning so that they could write a short blog post all about him and the other children here at Penpol.

A week later and a mysterious box arrives in the Mac Suite, with some very exciting goodies inside for Thomas, which we surprised him with in our Friday celebration assembly last week.  I think it’s safe to say he was very, very happy with what was inside!  It just goes to show how putting in a bit of effort and having a passion for something can often lead to unexpected and exciting things!

– Mr Woolcock

Inside the goodie bag Thomas found a Google T-Shirt, some really cool Google headphones, a notebook and pen, a handy hand pointer and a certificate to recognise his Internet Legends status.