Is it a tree? Is it a log? No, it’s Taran’s moth!

Mr Pollard

At the start of the year, Penpol School’s answer to David Attenborough asked Mr Pollard if he could bring in some caterpillars and store them at the back of the classroom until they turn into moths. Not a problem came the reply. It was then that Taran revealed that it would take 7 months for this transformation to happen!

This week, after returning from Easter break, the ever-observant Taran found that one of the caterpillars had broken out of its chrysalis and had turned into a beautiful moth, which is incredibly well suited to match a certain environment, as it looked just like a piece of wood!

Hopefully it won’t be long until the others hatch and they can all live in their natural habitat on the tree outside the classroom window.


“When I first saw the moth I recognised it immediately and got super exited because it had hatched from a cocoon  that had been in the back of the classroom since September.” – Taran