Delilah, Ines and Lola receive ‘Eradicate Plastic Pollution’ responses!

Mr Pollard

Recently, Year 6 have written letters to different establishments to attempt to persuade them to do more to rid the world of plastic waste, and this week the first responses came through, with Delilah, Ines and Lola each receiving a letter!
Delilah received a letter from Tesco, describing what they already do to try to eradicate plastic waste and what they are attempting to do by 2050. They also praised Delilah for her well written letter.

Ines and Lola both received responses from 10 Downing Street, describing how their letters had been passed onto a different department and that, hopefully, they will have an answer to their letters soon, so watch this space!



I was really happy to get a response, but I think that making these changes by 2050 is too far away – Delilah.

I really enjoyed receiving the letter and finding out that we might be getting another letter – Ines and Lola.