Year 5 and 6 begin writing their own Websites

Mr Woolcock

This week the Year 5s and 6s and begun to learn how to write and code their own websites using the programming languages HTML and CSS.

We started out by looking at how a HTML page is structured using <> and </> tags and how we can then change the style of these through a CSS file.  Learning two new languages is certainly challenging, but as always our superstar pupils lived up to our expectations and have made great progress already.  In the first lesson the children made a simple website with information about themselves followed by an interactive birthday/Christmas card.  Some of these Christmas cards have even been entered into a Code Club competition!

Autumn and Freya with their Christmas Card Website  

If you’d like to create another website using this Trinket template at home you can use this link to get to the Code Club project page.

Poppy with her Christmas Card Website

After this, some classes are moving onto creating their own ‘comic-strip’ style website with different <div> frames, <p> and <img> tags and correct CSS styling to create their own joke or short story.  The children were given free reign to create any joke or short story they felt like with the images provided, so long as their webpage was coded correctly.  As you can see, some of their stories are certainly interesting!

The children have been using a website called Trinket to create their code and view their website in real time.  We can even share and embed Trinket websites on the Penpol Times!


“Jimmy the Dinosaur” by Will


“Knock Knock Cheese” by Jake

It doesn’t make any sense but at least it’s about Bob – Jake, Y6


“Dr Who?”

Over the next few weeks the Year 5’s and 6’s will continue to learn about the basics of Web Development and discover how they can display information in creative and engaging ways.  At the rate these classes are learning it wouldn’t surprise me if we have quite a few future web developers in our midst!