Jacques a dit…on va dehors!

Mr Emery

This week, students have been enjoying the dry weather by learning French outside. Classes 3, 4,  7 and 8 were involved in a series of activities and competitions which tested their understanding of instructions and knowledge of body parts in French, which is the current topic they are learning about with Mr Emery.

At the start of each lesson, students followed Mr Emery around the school via instructions in French, until reaching the playground area. Out in the fresh air, students began by doing a number of fun warm-up  activities in French, from star jumps to the Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (tête, épaule, genou, pied) song. Following the warm-up activities, students then moved on to the more challenging competitions, such as “la souris contre le chat” (very similar to duck duck goose) and “Jacques a dit” (Simon says).

From class 3, Hazel held her nerve and won the Simon says competition, showing an excellent understanding of body parts in French.

It was really fun learning French outside.  I really like winning too! – Hazel – Class 3 – Year 1

Upon returning to the classroom, students were able to recap what they had learnt about body parts in French by drawing and labelling their own monsters.  With all classes having sung a French colour song with Michèle in the Harvest assembly, they were also keen to add plenty of colours to their monsters.

Alex, from Class 3, also enjoyed counting the number of heads in French on his monster, going all the way up to “quinze”, (15, pronounced ‘cans’).

When asked at the end of the session what was their favourite part of the lesson, the overriding response was “learning French outside!”

I loved having lots of space outside to play games in French! – Sienna – Class 4 – Year 1

Let’s hope for more sunshine next week!