Amelie Wins a Medal at a Gymnastics Competition

Miss Ryan

Amelie from class 4 came to school today with some very exciting news. She had taken part in a gymnastics competition at her local club in Penzance on Sunday and walked away with a medal! Amelie goes to Penzance gymnastics club and took part in a competition for floor and vault at level 7. She and 4 other girls aged between 5 and 7, competed as a group and were awarded a bronze medal. 45 gymnasts from her group took part, so Amelie was delighted to come away with a medal. Amelie was kind enough to show us some of her floor routine. Take a look…


I go to gymnastics on Mondays and Fridays. I go for 2 hours on a Monday and an hour and half on Friday. I do conditioning on Friday, that’s where I do lots of stretching and I do lots of strength training. I do bars and chin ups as well. I want a chin up bar for my birthday.

I showed everyone how to do my vault.

My favourite move in gymnastics is the splits. It’s quite hard and I have been practicing a lot. I also like doing headstands and I practice at home on the sofa.