Faster than Usain?? – Year 6’s trip to see the REAL fastest man in the world.

Mr Pollard

On Monday the 30th of October the whole of Year 6 travelled to Newquay Airport to meet Andy Green – the man who currently holds the world land-speed record, having travelled at 656mph in 1997.

He is now part of a team that is attempting to travel at an incredible 1000mph in the BloodHound SSC (SuperSonic Car) and we were lucky enough to see the car being put through its paces. Despite a blip (it was expected to reach 200mph in a matter of seconds, but had a fault) it was still great to see it. Alongside this, there was an educational tutorial discussing the science behind the car, which included the recreation of a sonic boom which you could certainly feel from where we were sat.

During the educational event there were  lots of experiments and activities to work through, with a real focus and push on engineering. A great day!


I thought it was a really fun day, but I wish that the car had travelled faster! Doing all of the activities in the hangar was brilliant though. – Alex.


BloodHound didn’t travel as quickly as it could, but it was evident that it had the potential. I really enjoyed the whole day and I think I enjoyed working on a stop-gap animation the most. – Taran


Andy Green – The BloodHound SSC driver before the test-run.