Super Self Portraits

Miss Aspden

The reception classes have been busy this week painting their own self portraits. To fit in with our topic of ourselves, the children spent time looking at their own reflections and made decisions on which colours where needed for their master pieces.

I like painting because I paint at home with Mummy. We paint pictures. Derora

The children experimented mixing the colours together and learnt about the primary colours and different colour combinations.

I liked painting all of it. I painted my eyebrows black. Chloe

The children were encouraged to pay attention to detail by observing their different eye colours, including pupils, the shape of their lips and noses and were encouraged to study all the different shades they have in their hair.

I liked painting my eyes because I like the blue colour. Ayveeahnah

The paintings have turned out beautifully and the children really enjoyed painting their own self portraits.