Surf Club

Mr Peck

Surf club has been taking place on Thursdays for the last few weeks with Shore Surf School in Hayle. Each Thursday after school we go to Shore Surf HQ at St. Ives Bay Holiday Park where we get kitted out for surfing off the Hayle Towans.

The level of surfing has progressed so much over the time at surf club and every single person is now catching and riding waves.

Ripping it up!

‘Surf club was the best club I’ve ever been too.‘ – Korey

‘I loved surf club. Everyone was supportive and happy.’ – Poppy

Water safety goes hand in hand with surfing.


Charging down the line.                                           Sharing a wave.


Trimming on a right-hander.                                  Getting ready to pop up.

‘Surf Club was great – I got better each week.’ – Ella

‘I liked going ‘outback’ and catching overhead waves! I can’t wait to do it next year.’ – Freya

Big Wednesday shot – Surf School 2018.

‘I think surf club has been amazing this year especially when I caught a wave and stood up.’ – Connah

‘It really made me happy – I loved standing up!’ – Coast

Our thanks go to the Shore Surf instructors for a wonderful few weeks of surfing tuition.