Penpol School are sharing their ‘Internet Legends’ status!

Mr Woolcock

Here at Penpol we’ve been working really hard to learn all about staying safe online and how to look after each other in the digital world.  We’ve been one of the first schools to use the exciting and innovative Be Internet Legends program from Google and ParentZone, which has involved a series of five fun and immersive lessons for Key Stage 2.

We were contacted by ParentZone, the company who are helping Google introduce this program into schools in the UK and they were so impressed by what we’ve been doing here at Penpol that they’ve written a blog post about us for their website!  Not only that, but they emailed the story out to every school in the country, to share our best practice with e-safety.  The feedback from ParentZone on our implementation of the Be Internet Legends program has been overwhelmingly positive and hopefully we can help share these skills with other schools through this blog.

You can read the blog here.

We’re expecting a visit from Google next week to give a special assembly to our Key Stage 2 children, so keep an eye out for photos from that soon.

Mr Woolcock