Feadon Farm

Miss Aspden

The reception classes had a wonderful Gruffalo experience at Feadon Farm.

The children firstly heard the Gruffalo story to introduce them to the types of animals they would be likely to meet in the British countryside. They got the opportunity to meet some of the local wildlife.

My favourite bit was holding the baby mouse, it was cute – Piran

We met the friendly foxes Todd, Meadow and Copper. The children learnt some interesting fox facts, fed them some treats, were able to stroke them and some lucky children even had a kiss on the nose from Todd.

A fox kissed me on the nose. I stroked him – Maisie.

I liked the ferret, it went in James’ hat and it did the hula because its body was bendy – Sabina

The children met corn snake and learnt about how we have 3 different types of snake in the UK all with their own way of killing and eating their prey.

I had a corn snake on my head, it was good for a hat – Harvey

We also met an eagle owl called chunk, a barn owl and even some very fluffy baby barn owls. We learnt how they hunt for food and had the opportunity to see them fly up close.

I held an eagle owl and a barn owl. The barn owl was white. The eagle owl was called Chunk. I liked the baby owls best – Felix

I stroked a reindeer, his feet clicks when it walks because they can hear other reindeer – Amelia

The children were really excited to finally meet the Gruffalo, he was shy and hid in the woods. We did manage to get a friendly wave from him as he was more scared of us than we were of him.

I saw the Gruffalo, he was hiding in the trees – Jenna

We also met some hedgehogs and learnt all about how they have reduced in numbers in the last 20 years from 36 million to 1 million. We learnt how to become more hedgehog friendly and how to make homes for and feed hungry hedgehogs in our gardens.

I liked the hedgehog because he had prickles on his back – Safi.

Feadon farm is fun, fascinating and an unforgettable experience for the children. The wildlife experts, Gary and Kirsty where incredible. Their enthusiasm and knowledge made the whole experience so interesting. With its hands on approach, Feadon Farm is one of the best educational and fun school trips we go to year after year.