Terrific Tri-Service Station

Miss Aspden

Class 1 visited the Tri Service Station in Hayle. Andy Hitchins the safety officer, showed the children around the station and told them how the station acts a fire station, ambulance and police station. We were lucky enough to see the fire engine, ambulance and police car during our visit. We learnt all about what to do if the smoke alarms at home goes off and how the Tri-Service Station helps us all in emergencies.


We had a look in the police car and even had the opportunity to sit in the driving seat or be locked in the back. The children loved playing with the loud police car siren and learnt all about why police cars, ambulances and fire engines have loud sirens.


I liked the police car because we heard the siren – Ethan.

Chris Wolstencroft (Lola from Class 7’s dad) showed the children the fire engine. We learnt all about the role of fire ladies and men and what they do to help us and animals in difficulty. We looked at all the different equipment on the fire engine – the different hose reels and jets for squirting water; the four ladders of different heights; the cutters for cutting vehicles; the breathing apparatus and protective clothing and the walkie talkies. The children had the opportunity to sit inside the fire engine and hear its siren.

The firemen wear masks so the smoke can’t go in your mouth – Ada

Finally, the children were given the opportunity to squirt the water from the hose and put out a pretend car and tree fire. The whole morning was great fun and really informative. We all had a great time!

I liked squirting the water from the hose – Amelie

If any parents have smoke alarms that don’t work Andy Hitchins said they will fit or replace them free of charge and to contact him at the Tri-Service Station to arrange a meeting.

I liked getting wet because I squirted the hose – Phoebe