Cosmic art at Hayle Vets

Before the end of the summer term, the Y6 undertook an art project to redesign and paint the mural at Hayle Vets. The project was supported by an artist called Cosmic who helped bring all the ideas to life.

Cosmic worked with all the Y6 firstly in school generating ideas and artwork that could form the mural. He then led sessions with the children with spray paints practising technique and creating art styles which would be used on the mural. All the Y6 had a go at spray painting and producing ideas for the main mural.

Certain children were selected based on their artwork to actually paint the mural at Hayle Vets with Cosmic. Two groups went down over a day and worked with Cosmic. The first group outlined the design.

The second group added some fuller colour and finishing details.

After a tiring day, the children left and Cosmic added the finishing touches. The mural looks fantastic and all the Y6 were invited back down to Hayle Vets to see their finished design. The design is very local to the Hayle area and takes a journey through Hayle Foundry to Copperhouse, along the Towans and out beyond Godrevy. You might also spot a few animals and sea creatures. Go and take a look for yourself – it’s amazing!!

The children were very happy and overwhelmed with the finished artwork. It was cosmic!

Our thanks go to Cosmic for his patience, creativity and artistic skills that were shared with the Y6. A massive thank you to Steve Wyatt and Hayle Vets for hosting the Y6 and for funding the project. We know you are pleased with the mural and it is certainly the coolest car park in town!