Class 14 write programs with their names

Mr Woolcock

This week we’ve started using the fantastic Scratch 3.0 software to build some pretty interesting programs.  Starting with a basic idea of animating our names, we developed ideas and explored options to take our projects in different directions.

Within an hour we’d got 28 completely different projects including games, animations, musical performances and some very unusual pieces of abstract art!  Everyone in class pushed themselves to try something new and to experiment, without fear of making a mistake.  And when mistakes were made we celebrated them, because with Scratch a mistake is just the first step towards understanding how to make something work!

Well done Class 14, you’ve worked incredibly hard here.  Take a look below to see what some of the pupils made and what they thought of their Scratch experiments…

“With my project you can press the numbers on the keyboard all the letters will start bouncing around the screen and change colour.  You can change the background colour too by pressing the Space bar.  Then if you press the up arrow the letters will all glide back to their normal place and be the right way up so you can see my name again” – Theo

“I have made mine in the line and put music on, then all of the letters spread up in different directions and then all go back together again to ask each other questions.  I used code to create my own animations.” – Melissa

“I got my letters to spell my name and then I’ve put some code to make them flash all different colours like a rainbow at different times.  And then I’ve got this block of code which asks you a question and you can type an answer to speak to the program” – Izzy

“I have used pieces of code block to create my animation of “E, T and H” and all have their own special parts which make them very funny in all sorts of different ways.  I like Scratch because you can go out of your comfort zone but if you make a mistake it’s a perfect opportunity to learn on how to do it so you don’t make that mistake again.” – Ethan