Ready, steady, cook………..

Mr Peck

On Thursday 12th July, Karen and Louisa from Chartwells came to do a cookery workshop with the Y5.

First of all we got split into groups of two or three. Then we began to cut up some chicken. We put a kind of spice onto the chicken, mixed it up with a fork and put it to the side. Next we cut up onions and two kinds of peppers. We got our chicken back and took everything to the pans. We began to cook everything and it started smelling really, really nice. In about ten minutes it was ready to eat. It was really yummy!!! – By Autumn, Ellie and Ella.


Ready to prepare the food.                                                   Chopping the onions and peppers.


‘We made chicken fajitas, they were delicious. Every day of the week I have school dinners, they are ALWAYS yummy!’ – Freya B


‘We made fajitas and I cut the chicken, Piran chopped the vegetables and Kane cooked everything. The fajitas tasted super (but not as good as my mum’s)’ – Jamie T


Cooking with woks on the hobs.                                        Time to wrap then eat the chicken fajita.

‘I really enjoyed the cooking workshop, it was so fun making the wraps. My favourite part was when we were cooking it but Emi and I hoped Colbie wouldn’t overcook it!’ – Poppy HC

‘The cooking sessions went down really well and the children were very engaging. Each group of children were shown how to put on our protective cut gloves, they were given a selection of ingredients and then shown step by step how to cook a tasty dish of Chicken Fajitas. The children were shown the correct grip for holding a knife and had the opportunity to cut the meat and vegetables and then use our induction hobs and woks to cook the dish. The children also learnt the importance of food safety when working with raw chicken. The children were really surprised how tasty the dish was and how simple it was to make, with a lot of children eating the whole lot and wanting to cook it at home. There were a very high proportion of children that had never tried any of the ingredients before and they all did really well eating what they had cooked’ – Karen from Chartwells.