Penpol have Sporting Stars in Gymnastics!

Mr Stanlake

This week we’ve had some excellent news from Kiki, Myla, Zannah and Maizy who have all competed and won prizes in gymnastics.  Here they are talking about their wins in their own words…


Kiki (Class 7)

“I definitely didn’t think that I would win, but I was really proud when I did.” Kiki came first in her Gymnastics with her tumbling routine.

Myla (Class 3),  Zannah (Class 10) and Maizy (Class 10)

“There was a gymnastics competition and we had to learn three runs and we had to do them and the judges judged us.  There was sixth, fifth, fourth, third, second and first places.  We came fourth, fifth and sixth overall and have these lovely rosettes to show how well we did.  There were 14 people taking part so we were really excited to be in the top six.”