The fabled ’99 Club’ welcomes it’s first members.

Mr Pollard


The children in Year 6 have been working towards entering the prestigious ’99 club’ all year and, this week, 3 children managed to enter it.

To achieve this feat, the children must answer 99 questions, based on addition, subtraction, multiplication, adding or subtracting fractions and finding fractions or percentages of a number. All of that, and they only get 5 minutes to do it in (which equates to just 3 seconds per answer!).
However, this did not faze Ben, Ben T or Freya, as they answered all the questions correctly in the allotted time, with Freya, who was the first to finish, completing all of the questions in an incredible 3 minutes and 10 seconds (under 2 seconds per question!).


A huge congratulations to the 3 of them and hopefully they will be joined by other members soon.


I practiced a lot at home and I managed to beat my best time on the day! – Freya


Think you’ve got what it takes? Feel free to have a practice on the sheet below!