Operation Encompass: Support for children and young people exposed to domestic abuse

Miss Clarey

Operation Encompass was launched in Cornwall on the 19th September with the aim of supporting children and young people who have been exposed to domestic incidents where the police have been involved.

Both the police and educational settings  have partnered up to provide rapid support through the use of early intervention and safeguarding.

Children who witness violence and traumatic events often arrive at school the next day without anyone being aware of what has happened. These types of situations can cause their behaviour to seem inappropriate in the classroom, which can in turn negatively effect their academic progress and their social and emotional wellbeing.

Operation encompass works by the police reporting these incidents to the child’s school at the start of the next day (prior to 9am). This information is given to a key adult within the school who can then put in place the support needed for the child.

Penpol strives to ensure that our school is a safe place for children, where they can develop and receive the support they need, that is suitable for them. We understand that these situations can and do happen and we aim to proactively  help children and their families to overcome the difficulties that they may experience. We also realise the vital importance of sharing information between agencies. This helps us and other agencies such as health professionals and those in social care to fully understand each child’s situation.

Penpol School – Key Adults

1 – Mr Aidan Doyle – Headteacher

2 – Mrs Sally Jane – SENCO

3 – Mrs Sarah Connors – Assistant Headteacher

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