Mr C Coyle-Chislett

01736 753472

2 St George's Road, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 4AH

Strategic Aims

Writing: Personalising Challenge
To engage, challenge and develop each writer, particularly accelerating progress for boys, disadvantaged learners and those with higher prior attainment.

Maths: Securing Greater Depth
To review and develop the planning and teaching of mathematics, adopting a mastery approach, leading to a greater proportion of children achieving greater depth standard in KS1 and KS2. 

Learning Environment
To develop inspiring spaces which communicate ambition, curiosity and creativity.

Assessment: A Tool for Precision
To sharpen the use of assessment as a tool for driving personalised teaching and school-wide planning.

Community: A Learning Partnership
To further develop the home/school partnership, fostering a love for learning for all.

Health and Wellbeing
To inspire and support each child at Penpol to find their unique skills, interests and passions.

Creativity in the Curriculum
To ensure that creativity is interwoven in the teaching of all curriculum areas with the aim of promoting imagination, self-confidence and a true love for learning for all.

Leadership: Sustainable Development
To provide ambitious and rigorous strategic planning, support and monitoring, securing a sustainably bright future for Penpol.

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