Class 12 create their own E-Safety animation!

Over the last few weeks Class 12 have been building upon their knowledge learnt from their Online Safety lessons and have taken it upon themselves to share what they have learnt from the Be Internet Legends program with others. In order to accomplish this they have worked in groups to create their own animation, based around the Be Internet Legends concept.  By writing their own dialogue and designing their own cartoon character, the children have created a short movie which

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Investigative Maths taking place again in Year 6

The Year sixes have been investigating how to write algebraic sums in Maths this week, with a little help from some milk bottle tops and Harry Potter!!   The children had to make potions (P) made up of legs of certain animals, including spiders (S), bats (B) and lizards (L). To help with their learning, the bottle tops were used to represent the different animals in the potion. If they wrote the algebraic sum correctly (Mr Pollard’s potion needed a

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Class 9 are Internet Kind

For our forth and final trip to Interland the children at Penpol School have been learning about how important it is to be kind and considerate online.  This week, whilst

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