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Learning to Learn

At Penpol School we aim to provide our children with the skills and confidence they will need to become independent and life long learners.

To help support this, we have five areas of learning for our pupils to consider, which are outlined below. If you click on them you will be taken to our Penpol Times where you will see what Learning to Learn is happening around the school.

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  • I understand that there is more that one way to do something.
  • I can make informed choices and explain them.
  • I can use my imagination and think creatively.


  • I can look back and learn from my successes and mistakes.
  • I can use what I have learnt to improve my ideas.
  • I can use what I have learnt from reflecting to help others.


  • I can listen well to others and value their ideas.
  • I can express my ideas with confidence.
  • I can constructively challenge the ideas and opinions of others.

Working with Others

  • I can listen well to others and value their ideas.
  • I can work well as a team member or leader.
  • I can compromise in order to improve the learning activity for everyone.


  • I can stick at a task even when it is hard.
  • I know what to do when I get really stuck.
  • I can help others to keep going when the going gets tough.
The Penpol Times