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Reception Show they have the ‘F(rançais)’ Factor

This term, Reception have been learning about food and drink in preparation for their French café lesson this week.

The children were brilliant at recalling different foods in French, saying which colour they were in French and also singing a song about food.  They also acted out the classic ‘le Bonhomme de Pain d’Épice'(The Gingerbread Man), with both classes joining in with the rhyme:

Cours,cours aussi vite que tu le peux. (Run, run, as fast fast as you can.)

Tu ne m’attrapas pas! (You can’t catch me!)

Je suis le bonhomme de pain d’épice. (I’m the Gingerbread Man.)

Classes 1 and 2 watched also got a taste of this week’s French café lesson.  They watched a short video of Classes 9 + 10 ordering food and drink in French and enjoyed the song so much they wanted to sing along.

Check out their efforts in singing the French song below…

Spelling Bee 2018

Tuesday brought around the much anticipated Year 5 & 6 Spelling Bee final. Our upper KS2 children have been meticulously going over their spelling words for the last couple of weeks before taking part in a class-based sub competition. It has proved a huge success as it has in previous years. Each class provided 4 finalists, between them spelling over 200 words to book their place in the final.

The final brings around a different challenge with the children standing and delivering many correct spellings including treachery, pronunciation, catastrophe, alleviating and extraordinarily.


Class 11- Zara, Emma, Lily and Issy.

Class 12- Piran, Ella, Gabby and Freya

Class 13- Lola, Jake, Ben and Taran

Class 14- Jack, Luca, Finley and Jude

It was a very close competition with the difficulty of words making even the teachers sweat. But the eventual winner came from Class 13 after a very closely fought battle with Jack, Class 14. Well done Lola, this years Spelling Bee Champion.


Delilah, Ines and Lola receive ‘Eradicate Plastic Pollution’ responses!

Recently, Year 6 have written letters to different establishments to attempt to persuade them to do more to rid the world of plastic waste, and this week the first responses came through, with Delilah, Ines and Lola each receiving a letter!
Delilah received a letter from Tesco, describing what they already do to try to eradicate plastic waste and what they are attempting to do by 2050. They also praised Delilah for her well written letter.

Ines and Lola both received responses from 10 Downing Street, describing how their letters had been passed onto a different department and that, hopefully, they will have an answer to their letters soon, so watch this space!



I was really happy to get a response, but I think that making these changes by 2050 is too far away – Delilah.

I really enjoyed receiving the letter and finding out that we might be getting another letter – Ines and Lola.


Merci ma famille!

Class 8 have been enjoying sing-a-longs in French this term to help them learn key vocabulary on the topic of family.

So far, Class 8 can already say who is in their family, including pets, size of the family member and colour of their pet. Mr Emery has been really impressed with their enthusiasm during lessons, which is shown in their singing, classwork and homework.

The song for this week is a song which shows appreciation for the family (merci pour ma famille), as well as friends (mes amis). Each student drew and labelled each of their members of the family, which they then each held up for the song.

If you’d like to hear a little snippet of one of class 8’s song, take a look at the video below.

I am really enjoying our French lessons, especially the songs and games we do in class.  Alex, Class 8


I love practising a new language!  I also go to language club every Thursday after school to learn an extra language.  Corran, Class 8

Next up for Year 3 will be the celebration of “Pâques”, which is the name for Easter in France.


French Email Exchange Excites Year 6 Students!

Year 6 Students at Penpol have begun to take part in an email exchange with a French primary school during Mr Emery’s French lessons. The students have already sent and received two letters each to a French primary school located 60 km outside of Bordeaux in South-West France.

Year 6 students wrote a quick introduction about themselves in French before Christmas to the French school, Octave Cazauvieilh. They were able to talk about their hobbies, saying what they like and dislike doing on the weekend. Every Tuesday, Year 6 students would hopefully await word from Mr Emery to see if there had been a response from their French pen-pals. After a few weeks, Classes 13 and 14 received their first responses from their pen-pals, which of course was written in French!

In the Spring term, Year 6 then wrote a description about what they look like, with a picture they drew of themselves. They also included extra details about their interests they wanted their French pen-pal to know about. Finally, they created a postcard to show off to their pen-pal the local area, with Godrevy and its lighthouse featuring prominently on most of the postcards.

Their letters were posted by mail this time and the French school were delighted with the response that had been sent from their Penpol pen-pals.

Most recently, Penpol have just received a Guess Who game. The game included a class photo of all the students in the French year 5 class, as well as a description of each one. Using the French descriptions of each student, Penpol’s Year 6 classes rose to the challenge.


It was great to try and work out who your pen-pal was from their descriptions and photo.  Juliette- Class 14

Fun was had by all and great progress was made on the current topic, All About Me.

I learnt lots of extra new words to try and find out which pen-pal was mine from the picture.  It was lots of fun!  Ines- Class 13

Watch this space for the next flurry of emails between the French and Cornish school over the next couple of months.

Think you can spot Anaelle?  Read her description below and find her in the picture …

J’ai les cheveux blonds. J’ai un pantalon gris, un T-shirt blanc et des chaussures noires. Anaelle, CM1- Octave Cazauvieilh School



Hablas Español?

This week, Year 6 students had the opportunity of learning Spanish and enjoyed their first Spanish taster session with Mr Emery. With Spain being the third most popular country to visit in the World, lots of students were very enthusiastic to learn more about Spain and also learn some basic Spanish.

Classes 13 & 14 were given a short presentation by Inès from Class 13 on her experience being in a Spanish primary school in Gran Canaria. Students were amazed to hear that in Spain and the Canary islands, the school day finishes at lunch time, where school kids go back home for la comida (lunch) and, of course, la siesta!

After a cultural quiz on Spain, students then got to grips with the Spanish language by learning different types of food on the website Linguascope. Within 20 minutes, some students had already mastered the 40 different items of food, ranging from breakfast foods to vegetables and fruits!

The students were then tested on how many different types of food they could remember by playing a whole class quiz on Students are given a time-limit to answer each question and are competing against each other for the top score.

After 30 questions, the winners from each class had been established. From class 13, Ben was the overall winner, with Inès second and Peter third.

It’s really cool to try a different language and learn about Spain. Spanish is now my new favourite language! Ben, Class 13, Year 6

From Class 14, Alfie won a very close battle between himself, Juliette and Finn. All three were the only students in class 14 to score 30/30, but Alfie’s faster reaction times saw him eventually come out on top.

Learning Spanish is much easier when you already know some French!  That helped me win today!  Alfie, Class 14, Year 6

Currently, only one third of Britons are now able to hold a conversation in another language. Yet with the budding enthusiasm shown by Penpols’ language stars, there’s a feeling that the tide is turning!

The overall winners from class 13

Jake scores 100% on Linguascope!

Sandwich fun

Class 7 have been learning how to create a clear set of instructions using the features they have been learning about in English. They learnt that in order to have a good set of instructions you need to include the following:

  • Headings
  • Sub-headings
  • Method
  • Bullet points
  • Numbers
  • Pictures

We began by working together as a whole class and and created a set of instructions on ‘How to Make a Cup of Tea’. This helped us learn the best way to set out our instructions.

After that, the children applied what they had learnt and created instructions on ‘How to Make a Jam and Honey Sandwich’. The children used the ingredients needed to make their own sandwich.

Wow! I loved making my jam sandwich. – Luke

Everyone really enjoyed it. Needless to say, lots of great sets of instructions were completed in their literacy books.



Tom gets ‘Most Enthusiastic Boy’ award for surfing

Tom started Sandhoppers with the Hayle Surf Life Saving Club last year and has been making amazing progress. He enjoys swimming in the sea and has learnt to use a bodyboard. He has moved up to Nippers and was awarded a shield in October for ‘Most Enthusiastic Boy’. Tom is having great fun learning how to surf!

I feel fantastic because I got the award and my name is on the shield now. It is the first award I have ever won – Tom – Class 7 – Year 3