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Year 5 Space Spectacul-‘AR’

This half term our year 5 pupils have been learning about Space and the Solar System.  As part of this exciting topic, the children have been using their knowledge of our Solar System to create some video documentaries on the iPads.

However, obviously getting video footage of the actual planets is quite tricky.  So instead the children have carefully re-created each planet using their own artwork and Augmented Reality.

They’ve then put these AR planets together in the video app Clips and added their own voiceovers, titles and special effects.

The children have worked phenomenally hard on this project and the videos below are testament to this.  Please do jump right in and watch a few to get a flavour of our out-of-this-world Space Documentaries!

Class 12 Space Documentaries

Class 11 Space Documentaries

Bringing a little digital snow to Penpol

This week we’ve been having some Festive Fun with the iPads and our Computing lessons by spending time learning how to use the Green Screen tool in iMovie.

The children have learnt how to use this great effect to create their own Snowglobe videos using this technique.  

You can learn how to do this (and perhaps even create your own Snowglobe video as well!) by following the instructions in the video Mr Woolcock has made.

Play Video

Class 13 Snowglobe Video


Class 10 Snowglobe Video


Painting with Sphero Robots

This week the children in Year 6 have been creating some quite unusual artwork involving robots…

These paintings may look colourful and vibrant, but the way they were made is perhaps even more exciting.  By writing code and controlling Sphero robots, the children were able to create stunning works of art by driving through blobs of paint and mixing colours in unusual ways.

We were inspired by the works of Jackson Pollock and each team of children tried to replicate one of his artworks by using their Sphero robots.

Penpol School make their own 3D Winter Ornaments on our 3D Printer!

This year, for the for the third time, we gave every child in Key Stage 2 the opportunity to design and refine their own 3D models on the computer, which we then printed out using our state-of-the-art Makerbot 3D printer.

This year the children had greater design freedom than ever before thanks to the fantastic new ‘Scribble’ tool on Tinkercad which lets the children draw their very own designs on screen, alongside their library of 3D shapes which the pupils have used previously.  This tool was hugely popular and has resulted in us creating some really personal and unique decorations.

We’ve made a short video below to show the process of making our decorations, followed by a very large gallery underneath of every single decoration we printed this year!

This year we printed two hundred and twenty different decorations, which took a very very long time!  You can see all of these decorations in the gallery below – see if you can spot yours…

This year there have been so many lovely designs and each one is completely unique.  They’re all brilliant, but are there any that you particularly like?

(click a decoration to view it bigger)

Enjoying every second of the Hour of Code

Over the last two weeks each class in Key Stage 2 has taken part in the Hour of Code.  For those unfamiliar, Hour of Code is a worldwide event which encourages school children to spend an hour having fun by problem solving through writing code. 

Each year some amazing activities are created and this year schools around the world got to enjoy spending an hour Dance Party and coding their characters to dance their favourite moves.

But enough of me talking about it, here’s a fab video of the children enjoying choreographing their very own Dance Party!

– Mr Woolcock

This is the second year we’ve taken part in the international Hour of Code – you can read more about the children’s Minecraft adventure last year below:

Penpol are Finalists at the 2018 Edge Awards

Penpol School have once again been recognised for our pupils outstanding ICT and Computing work and have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Edge Awards 2018.

These awards celebrate the very best technology companies, digital content and entrepreneurs in Cornwall, along with the schools and colleges that help inspire and nurture the digital pioneers of tomorrow.

Penpol School have this year been recognised in the category of “Most Inspirational Educational IT / Digital / Multimedia Project” for our work with the 3D printed winter ornaments we’ve made. 

The judges loved the fact that this project included the whole of Key Stage 2 and that it gave so many children the chance to use a technology (namely 3D printing) that they wouldn’t otherwise have had access to.  They were blown away with the quality and charm of the decorations that our pupils had created.

We were the only primary school in the whole of Cornwall to make the finals and whilst we didn’t come away as the overall winner, we were treated to a fantastic video and some lovely words from the judges about our school:

"Penpol School is one of the leading schools for Computing and ICT in the South West.  With forward thinking ideas and passionate teaching staff, their pupils learn to use technology with excitement and enthusiasm and the school gives them the confidence to embrace the technology around them.  They believe that teaching both logical and creative skill sets will see the pupils thrive, whatever the future may bring."
Edge Awards

You can watch the video below:

Music in the Marquee 2018: The After-Movie!

For the last in our series of three posts about this years Music in the Marquee, I’m delighted to share with you our official video of the event!  You may have seen Miss Clarey with her camera out all evening, getting lots of videos of everything that goes on at Music in the Marquee.

She’s taken all those clips and has made this incredible video to show you what the night was all about.  If you were there then try to see if you can spot yourself!

As always, the whole purpose of the night is to try and raise as much money for the PFA as possible.  I’m delighted to say that this year, our concert has raised £3903!!!


This year was the fourth Music in the Marquee and featured Ben Thorpe and DJ Flo Selecta as well as our headline act, Bradley Johnson.  Bradley actually flew in from Corfu especially to play at Penpol and then flew back out to Greece the very next day!  We’re delighted that he came all this way to see us.

Check out the two posts below to see all the wonderful photos of the evening.

Music in the Marquee 2018: Photo Gallery

On Saturday night we hosted our fourth Music in the Marquee concert featuring DJ Flo Selecta, Ben Thorpe and of course, Bradley Johnson.  My friend Matt Bromage was here with his camera and has kindly shared these amazing photos with us. Don’t forget you can click on each

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Music in the Marquee 2018: Meeting Bradley

On Saturday night we welcomed back Bradley Johnson to Penpol School to play our annual Music in the Marquee fundraising concert. We also welcomed a very talented friend of Mr Woolcock, Matt Bromage, who was on hand with his camera to get some photos of the evening. Check

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Class 13 create their own E-Safety animation!

Over the last few weeks Class 13 have been building upon their knowledge learnt from their Online Safety lessons and have taken it upon themselves to share what they have learnt from the Be Internet Legends program with others.

In order to accomplish this they have worked in groups to create their own animation, based around the Be Internet Legends concept.  By writing their own dialogue and designing their own cartoon character, the children have created a short movie which you can enjoy below.  The animation itself has been created in a clever program called Adobe Character Animator, a piece of software which allowed the children to animate every aspect of their characters, from their eyes to their toes!

So, sit back, relax and enjoy Class 13 talking about how to become Internet Legends!


As well as this lovely animation, the other Year 5 and 6 classes are also working on their own short films so check back soon to see those as well.

In the meantime here are some more stories about the children enjoying the Internet Legends program.

Mini Marathon 2018

On behalf of the PFA we’d like to extend a massive thank you to all of the parents, carers and friends of Penpol School for their help raising a MASSIVE £1061 at this years Mini Marathon.

This is our best ever result at the marathon and you can relive all the highlights in this short video below.