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Super Surf Life Saving Results for 6 Star

Last weekend Emi, Class 13, travelled to Cardiff for the National Nipper Surf Life Saving Championships. Emi competes for Hayle Surf Life Saving Club, where she has been a member since the age of 8, alongside a number of other pupils at Penpol.

Emi competed in 6 events all within the Under 11 category achieving brilliant results and personal bests along the way. In her favourite event, the board race, Emi, smashed 4 seconds off her personal best finishing 10th place out 97 participants! Placing her in the top ten nationally for her age group; an amazing achievement.

Emi also competed in: the board relay where she secured a 7th place finish out of 50; the board rescue, 19th out of 50; tube rescue, 21st out 50; flipper, 32nd out of 50; medley relay, finishing 30th!

Really well done Emi, a fantastic achievement!

More information and full results from Hayle Surf Life Saving Club can be found at this linked page-


Tess Surfs to Success at National Championships

Over the summer I took part in the Surf Life Saving GB National Championships.  I wasn’t the only one from Penpol there either, Zara was there too!

I did the paddle board race and came third because of a really good wave!  I also came fifth in the swim and I came fifth in the board relay.  In the sprint I got into the semi finals and in the sprint relay I came fourth.

Because of all the people competing there were two big stages, one for board and one for swim, and we’d swap between the arenas.  In between there was loads of really good music. 

My favourite part of the whole day was my dad buying me a new board to celebrate coming third – it’s pink with stars.

Tess H, Class 10

Surf Club

Surf club has been taking place on Thursdays for the last few weeks with Shore Surf School in Hayle. Each Thursday after school we go to Shore Surf HQ at St. Ives Bay Holiday Park where we get kitted out for surfing off the Hayle Towans.

The level of surfing has progressed so much over the time at surf club and every single person is now catching and riding waves.

Ripping it up!

‘Surf club was the best club I’ve ever been too.‘ – Korey

‘I loved surf club. Everyone was supportive and happy.’ – Poppy

Water safety goes hand in hand with surfing.


Charging down the line.                                           Sharing a wave.


Trimming on a right-hander.                                  Getting ready to pop up.

‘Surf Club was great – I got better each week.’ – Ella

‘I liked going ‘outback’ and catching overhead waves! I can’t wait to do it next year.’ – Freya

Big Wednesday shot – Surf School 2018.

‘I think surf club has been amazing this year especially when I caught a wave and stood up.’ – Connah

‘It really made me happy – I loved standing up!’ – Coast

Our thanks go to the Shore Surf instructors for a wonderful few weeks of surfing tuition.

Surfs up in Class 1

What an amazing day. The children were in their element on their fun filled, action packed day of excitement, thrills and frolics on the beach.

Ben and Kate Holtaway had planned a full day of surf lifesaving activities and games for the children to enjoy. They were both fantastic with the children and the day ran effortlessly from one fun activity to the next.

The morning started in the surf life saving club where we learnt about beach safety, the equipment used by the life guards, the role of the life guards and where is safe to swim on the beach. The children had fun dressing up as naughty tourists and life guards and role played swimming in the wrong area of the beach and saving each other.


Next it was down to the life guard hut to meet the very funny lifeguards. They told us all about what they have to do each day and answered all our questions about their fun and exciting job. We learnt that they had even rescued 3 boats that morning. We also had a go on their rescue surf board.

After the life guard hut it was a picnic on the beach. The moment we sat down to eat our lunch the skies cleared and it was beautiful sunshine.

We needed to wave from the sea then the other children come and save you. If you go too deep the lifeguards will help – Lana

After lunch it was surfs up. The children were amazing on the surf boards and loved catching a few waves.

I liked surfing, you lie on a surfboard, you wait for a wave then it makes you surf – Sienna

After the surf it got competitive on the beach with a few team games and the exciting game of flags.

Next we found a message in a bottle from Captain  Smellybeard with a treasure map inside. It led the children to a pirates cave, where we found some hidden delicious treasure, the best kind of treasure.

I liked finding the treasure best. We had sweeties – Enya

The day was a massive success. A massive thank you to the superhero life guards and the brilliant Ben and Kate Holtaway.

It was good fun, I love Mummy and Daddy – Martha

Penpol Represented at National SLS Finals

Last weekend Zara from Class 11 and Tess from Class 8 travelled to Cardiff to compete at the National Surf Lifesaving Competition. Both are members of Hayle Surf lifesaving club who they represented in the Welsh Capital.

I loved the experience and enjoyed swimming in a 50 metre pool. Hopefully I can knock time off again next year!- Zara

In an extremely competitive event, Zara was delighted to have knocked 10 seconds off her pb to finish inside the top 40 for board in the 11 age group.

I had a great time and raced in lots of races, my favourite was the relay – Tess

Surf lifesaving is a fantastic team event which many of the  children at school take part in. The SLSC at Hayle is a fantastic organisation and if your interested or want to find out more. Please click here.


Super Surfer Elsie

Elsie is a member of Saints Boardriders in St Ives. They go surfing every Saturday morning come rain or shine and Elsie has really enjoyed it this year. At the end of the year they hold a presentation and Elsie won most improved surfer for her group out of around 25 children!

I love surfing, it’s very exciting – Elsie

Elsie catches a superb wave and surfs it all the way to the shore

I like surfing big waves. I don’t get scared – Elsie

Star Award For Star Surf-lifesaver

Many of our children are members of the hugely successful and popular Surf lifesaving club in Hayle, which is fantastic. However, Zara (Class 11) was awarded this shield for being the ‘Most Enthusiastic Girl.’

It is always a pleasure to see our children awarded for their sporting achievement, however is much more pleasing to see them winning them for the attributes they possess. Skills such as determination, persistence, perseverance, communication , teamwork and in Zara’s case, enthusiasm, and trust me she has bags of it!

What a great achievement, well done!


Click here for more information about Hayle Surf Life Saving Club.

Surfing’s on the Curriculum at Penpol

We are very fortunate at Penpol School to be situated by the sea next to three miles of glorious beaches and golden sand. In this area of outstand natural beauty, we have some of the best beaches in Cornwall offering fantastic surfing opportunities.

Living next to the Atlantic, however, does come with its own hazards and dangers, especially when it comes to being safe in the sea.

At Penpol School we take beach safety very seriously.

We have a close connection with several of our community partners including the RNLI, Shore Surf and Hayle Surf-Lifesaving Club. These partners regularly present whole school assemblies, discussing the dangers of the sea and encouraging the children to reflect on the importance of beach safety.

At Penpol School we also believe that our children should be taking full advantage of their geographical location and safely enjoying the unique area in which they live. With this in mind, we have made surfing a compulsory part of our curriculum for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.

Teaming up with Shore Surf School and their fully qualified expert surf-instructors, each pupil has participated in five two-hour surf lessons, working towards Level 2 Shore Surf Award.

This has involved meeting various expectations and demonstrating a number of key skills including:

  • Changing in and out of a wetsuit unaided.
  • Working as a team and supporting each other.
  • Perseverance and determination
  • Knowledge of water safety and recognising hidden dangers
  • Developing confidence in the water
  • Catching a wave
  • Popping to their feet and surfing for five seconds or more
  • Demonstrating balance and co-ordination.

This is the second year our pupils have taken part in surfing and it has proved to be a great success.


Pupil comments –

I found the past five Thursdays the most enjoyable days of the week and that was because of the surfing – Zehava

I enjoyed surfing very much this year. I think I have learnt so much in the five weeks. I stood up for the first time ever and caught some really cool waves. The instructors were very kind and taught us how to do some impressive tricks – Erin

I loved going surfing this term even though sometimes the waves were huge! We learnt very quickly how to stand up and then how to go faster, as well as slow down on a wave. Soon after this we were taught to turn and dismount safely – Tilly

I enjoyed surfing so much this term that I think we should go again next term. I think surfing should be on the curriculum because we live by the sea and we learn how to be safe in the water – Jake