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Reception Home Learning – June

Hello Class 1 and 2.

We are missing you all lots and can’t wait until we can see you again. We love seeing all the amazing learning you’ve been doing at home and wanted to share some of it with everyone.


Alex – Class 2

Alex has been learning all about 3D shapes this week and made this lovely castle! Alex says his favourite shape is the cone because you can get ice cream cones!

Noah – Class 1

Noah has also been learning about shapes this week and built this castle big enough for his dinosaur! Great job Noah.

Alayah – Class 2

Alayah enjoyed our puzzle challenge and created this lovely sea creature puzzle with her Dad. Well done Alayah, your puzzle looks fantastic and looks like you had lots of fun making it!

Morgan – Class 1

Morgan has been busy learning about the outdoors and how to light and put out a camp fire. He’s also done some great learning all about fish and did some lovely drawing too.

Noah – Class 2

Noah has done some great learning all about number bonds to 10 as well as creating an imaginary world using the Duplo. Well done Noah!

Maverick – Class 1

Maverick has been learning all about directions and was able to follow instructions whilst wearing a blindfold! He also enjoyed our puzzle challenge and created this lovely puzzle to put together.


Izzy – Class 2

Izzy has made a lovely rainbow puzzle, a great maze out of crayons and designed a magical animal – a dog that has a horn that lights up and helps to save other dogs. Great ideas Izzy, well done!


Lowenna – Class 1

Lowenna did some great learning in maths this week, recognising where the patterns had gone wrong. She also made a lovely jigsaw puzzle of her family and then timed herself to see how long it would take to put it back together. Well done Lowenna!

Everly – Class 2

Everly created this brilliant life size picture of herself as part of our body challenge. She labelled all the different parts beautifully. Amazing learning Everly!

Lexi – Class 1

Lexi created a very tricky maze using the blocks as well as a lovely rainbow fish. She’s also been very busy practising her writing and maths work. Well done Lexi!

Logan – Class 2

Logan has been very busy doing lots of learning at home. He’s been practising riding his bike, experimenting with skittles and helped his Mummy to make pasties. Well done Logan, thanks for sharing your lovely learning.

Bobby – Class 1

Bobby coloured and labelled this lovely picture of the Rainbow Fish as well as creating his own maze using lego. He listened to instructions for how to move around his maze whilst blindfolded! Great learning Bobby!

Fred – Class 1

Fred has been doing some great learning and has written some amazing fact files. He also enjoyed our bridge building challenge and has been working on labelling a life size picture of himself. Brilliant learning Fred!

Lili – Class 1

Lili has been doing some beautiful artwork all about the rainbow fish as well as about life cycles. Well done Lili, these are lovely pictures.

Ethan – Class 2

Ethan created this great maze out of Duplo and practised moving the dog character through it. He’s also been working on some addition to 10. Well done Ethan!

Luna – Class 1

Luna has done some great learning all about our bodies as well as some artwork about sea creatures. She also wrote some brilliant sentences about what she had drawn. Well done Luna!

Isla – Class 1

Isla has been practising her sounds and teen numbers, learning all about the human body as well as about the different parts of a fish.  Well done Isla, looks like you’ve been very busy!


Phoebe – Class 1

Phoebe created this brilliant bridge and also did some lovely writing all about her half term. Well done Phoebe, this is lovely home learning!

Sorrel – Class 1

Sorrel has enjoyed learning all about World Ocean’s Day and helped her family with a beach clean. She’s also been learning about electricity and enjoyed looking at circuit boards and the inside of items. She’s also measured herself against her own sorrel plant too and found it’s bigger than her now! Brilliant learning, well done Sorrel!

Reception Home Learning

Hi Class 1 and Class 2, we’d like to say a big thank you to all of you who have sent us some pictures of your home  learning. We wanted to share some of  the brilliant things you have been up to over the past few weeks. We’ll keep updating this page throughout the week with this week’s learning so keep sending the pictures in.

We both hope that you are all well and enjoying the learning challenges that we are setting.

Take care and see you soon

Miss Nidds and Miss Aspden


Lexi – Class 1

Lexi has been doing some great learning all about shapes, shadows and patterns. She’s drawn and labelled 2D shapes, been on a shape hunt around her house and created her own patterns using lego. Great work Lexi!



Everly – Class 2

Everly has been busy practising her phonics with her big sister as well as practising reading words independently. We loved seeing you making a boat with your family too as part of one of our challenges. Well done Everly!

Edwyn – Class 1

Edwyn has done some great learning in maths. He has been practising his addition with double digit numbers as well as building a tower taller than he is. He’s done some brilliant writing and he’s  also baked some delicious Millionaires’ Shortbread with his family – they look delicious Edwyn!

Alex – Class 2

Alex has been very busy with his home learning. He’s been practising his phonics sounds, learning about shadows and created a fruit face. He also went on a colour hunt around his house looking for blue items and estimated how many he would find. Great job Alex!

Charice – Class 1

Charice has been working hard with her letter formation and shape drawing as well as enjoying some colouring in and designing her own t-shirt!


Freya – Class 2

Freya has been doing some great investigating all about floating and sinking at home. She’s also been on a hunt to find everything pink in her house and ordered these by size, as well as doing some baking. Well done Freya, great learning!


Koby – Class 1

Koby enjoyed creating his fruit and veg face and very carefully prepared the ingredients for it. He has also been learning all about shadows on the beach and made a ‘sparkly magic potion’ using items from the garden. Well done Koby!

Alayah – Class 2

Alayah has done some brilliant learning about patterns, shadows and animals over the past few weeks. She also created her own musical instruments and played them along to music.


Luna – Class 1

Well done Luna on some great learning over the past few weeks. Luna has been practising her reading and writing, as well as creating a lovely picture of her family and going on a pink colour scavenger hunt!

Izzy – Class 2

Izzy has made a great guitar out of recycling, as well as a fruit and veg face. She also explored how shadows move by drawing around her toys in the garden.

Maverick – Class 1

Maverick has been very busy with his home learning. He’s been learning about shadows, made musical instruments using spaghetti and has practised his writing and numbers. Great work Maverick!


Evie – Class 2

Evie has been busy practising her writing, doing some baking and making a fairy door. Well done Evie – those brownies look delicious!


Phoebe – Class 1

Phoebe has been doing some brilliant learning all about patterns this week, as well as enjoy doing some painting and finding how many different places she could read her book in. Well done Phoebe!

Isla – Class 1

Isla has also had a busy week and has been practising writing words using magnetic letters, finding different shapes around the house and making vegetable faces with her sister. Looks great Isla!


Well done everyone on your great learning! Keep the pictures coming and we’ll post more in the next few weeks.


Miss Nidds and Miss Aspden

Extreme Reading Challenge

What a fantastic start to our Extreme Reading Challenge! You have certainly been very busy over the holidays. It is fantastic to see you all enjoying reading and coming up with creative ideas, from reading upside down to reading on top of roof tops. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next. 

Keep the pictures coming in! Don’t forget to email them to


Mrs Riches

Surfs up in Class 1

What an amazing day. The children were in their element on their fun filled, action packed day of excitement, thrills and frolics on the beach.

Ben and Kate Holtaway had planned a full day of surf lifesaving activities and games for the children to enjoy. They were both fantastic with the children and the day ran effortlessly from one fun activity to the next.

The morning started in the surf life saving club where we learnt about beach safety, the equipment used by the life guards, the role of the life guards and where is safe to swim on the beach. The children had fun dressing up as naughty tourists and life guards and role played swimming in the wrong area of the beach and saving each other.


Next it was down to the life guard hut to meet the very funny lifeguards. They told us all about what they have to do each day and answered all our questions about their fun and exciting job. We learnt that they had even rescued 3 boats that morning. We also had a go on their rescue surf board.

After the life guard hut it was a picnic on the beach. The moment we sat down to eat our lunch the skies cleared and it was beautiful sunshine.

We needed to wave from the sea then the other children come and save you. If you go too deep the lifeguards will help – Lana

After lunch it was surfs up. The children were amazing on the surf boards and loved catching a few waves.

I liked surfing, you lie on a surfboard, you wait for a wave then it makes you surf – Sienna

After the surf it got competitive on the beach with a few team games and the exciting game of flags.

Next we found a message in a bottle from Captain  Smellybeard with a treasure map inside. It led the children to a pirates cave, where we found some hidden delicious treasure, the best kind of treasure.

I liked finding the treasure best. We had sweeties – Enya

The day was a massive success. A massive thank you to the superhero life guards and the brilliant Ben and Kate Holtaway.

It was good fun, I love Mummy and Daddy – Martha