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Year 5 Mission to Space

Aliens…do they actually exist? This is a question which has been at the forefront of space exploration since the first human was launched into Space in 1961.  This question is precisely what Year 5 are in the midst of learning about, having started reading ‘The Jamie Drake Equation’, by Christopher Edge, this new term.

Year 5 have explored in Science the ideal conditions for Extra-Terrestrial life forms to exist in our universe, referred to in the book as the ‘Goldilocks Zone’.

The Goldilocks Zone is neither too hot nor too cold.

Once accepting the fact that our universe is incredibly vast, all students were in agreement that in some corner of our universe, life must exist.  With this in mind, both classes in Year 5 immediately began designing their own aliens in their French lesson, labelling and talking about them in French.  Each one of their creations have been unique in their own way, with exceptional use of French vocabulary which would be impressive even for a GCSE French student.

In Science and Literacy, we have also looked at different attributes which are essential in order to be an astronaut.  Year 5 students have completed their own mini astronaut application and were interviewed by their peers on why they would be the ideal candidate to send into Space on a mission to discover alien life form.


This week, Year 5 students will be finalising their applications and delivering a persuasive group presentation on why their group would be the ideal team to be sent into Space.  Year 5 students will also be interviewing a NASA employee via Skype over the next couple of weeks in order to find out more about what it would be like to work at America’s Space Agency.

Look out for presentation videos to follow over the next few days!




Reception Show they have the ‘F(rançais)’ Factor

This term, Reception have been learning about food and drink in preparation for their French café lesson this week.

The children were brilliant at recalling different foods in French, saying which colour they were in French and also singing a song about food.  They also acted out the classic ‘le Bonhomme de Pain d’Épice'(The Gingerbread Man), with both classes joining in with the rhyme:

Cours,cours aussi vite que tu le peux. (Run, run, as fast fast as you can.)

Tu ne m’attrapas pas! (You can’t catch me!)

Je suis le bonhomme de pain d’épice. (I’m the Gingerbread Man.)

Classes 1 and 2 watched also got a taste of this week’s French café lesson.  They watched a short video of Classes 9 + 10 ordering food and drink in French and enjoyed the song so much they wanted to sing along.

Check out their efforts in singing the French song below…

Le petit déjeuner français!

Having the confidence to order food and drink in French is fundamental to anyone wishing to visit France.  This week, Year 4 completed their final lesson on the topic of food and needed to use everything they had learnt to order and serve food at a french café.

For one morning only, Classes 9 + 10 were treated to a French breakfast. They were able to sing a song in French (to the tune of a popular Taylor Swift song!), order food and drink in French and, of course, taste the foods typically associated with a French breakfast.

I was nervous ordering in French at the beginning but now I feel much more confident.  Summer, Class 9, Year 4

Every student had a go at both ordering French food, as well as serving. Both classrooms were buzzing with French language, such as “je voudrais” ( I would like), s’il vous plaît (please) and the signature phrase “bon appetit” (used as a salutation to someone about to eat).


I definitely know how to order more in French next time I go to France! Oscar, Class 9, Year 4.

All of the students enjoyed the café atmosphere and certainly took pleasure from tasting the French pastries on offer with a glass of jus d’orange or jus de pomme.

I preferred eating the croissant today, it was tasty!  Freddie, Class 10, Year 4

Check out some of the children singing and ordering food in French below.


Merci ma famille!

Class 8 have been enjoying sing-a-longs in French this term to help them learn key vocabulary on the topic of family.

So far, Class 8 can already say who is in their family, including pets, size of the family member and colour of their pet. Mr Emery has been really impressed with their enthusiasm during lessons, which is shown in their singing, classwork and homework.

The song for this week is a song which shows appreciation for the family (merci pour ma famille), as well as friends (mes amis). Each student drew and labelled each of their members of the family, which they then each held up for the song.

If you’d like to hear a little snippet of one of class 8’s song, take a look at the video below.

I am really enjoying our French lessons, especially the songs and games we do in class.  Alex, Class 8


I love practising a new language!  I also go to language club every Thursday after school to learn an extra language.  Corran, Class 8

Next up for Year 3 will be the celebration of “Pâques”, which is the name for Easter in France.


Class 4 have an Art Attack!

Class 4 love art! They have been having great fun investigating materials in their art lessons and have been making metal sculptures using everyday objects including cheese graters, cutlery, tin cans, mixing bowls and anything else they can get their hands on! Check out their fantastic owl creations!

 I love the metal feather bits on your owl Lily. Can I help? – Alfie

Evie and Sienna are really happy with the way their owls are turning out. They are using jam jar lids for the eyes and sticking on squashed foil cases and beads. They’re looking great.

I like my owl. I want to take it home and show my mum. – Tyler

Ada and Flora help each other choose the best buttons and beads to stick on to the wings.

I love my owl. I brought in my sieve and my whisk from home and Mrs Anthoney helped me stick all the bits together. – Zak

I am really happy and so proud of the children. They put in a lot of hard work and were very creative. I think their owls look fantastic! – Miss Ryan

Owl Facts

  1. Owls live in barns, trees, old buildings and tunnels.
  2. Owls eat mice, rats, birds, raccoons, skunks, snakes, squirrels and other small mammals.
  3. Owls can’t digest bones, fur or feathers so they spit it out.
  4. Owls have sharp beaks that they use to shred their food.
  5. Owls grab their ‘prey’ with their sharp claws.
  6. Owls don’t make any sound when they fly.
  7. Owls camouflage themselves in the trees.

Class 4 are on the Move

Class 4 have been practicing some super skills in P.E. They have been finding out about different ways of moving and practicing how to roll, twist, climb, balance, jump and swing. Amelie and Oliver explain how to do the perfect forward roll…

First of all you have to stand up straight and put your hands in the air. Then put your chin to your chest. Keep your legs together and bend your knees. – Amelie


You have to bend down and put your hands on the floor. Put your head on the floor as well. Then push with your legs and roll. – Oliver

Great rolling everyone. Our next step is to practice finishing our forward roll in a standing position.


Zak, Ada, Violet, Harry, Corey and Riley have been practicing different ways of travelling across the poll. Riley is good at pulling himself along while dangling. Ada is great at balancing her whole body on top of the poll and sliding along slowly. Corey has been showing all of his friends how to spin upside down. Great skills everyone.

P.E is one of my favourite lessons. I am really good at climbing and balancing. I like to do all kinds of things in P.E, especially swinging on the ropes. – Caio

I like swinging on the rings and I like climbing across the ladder. I think I’m good at P.E. – Sienna


I’m good at P.E. I like climbing and I like the hoops. I like going up the ladder and climbing to the top. I want to learn how to do a forward roll backwards. – Ted