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The Sinking of the Titanic


During this terms History lessons, Class 6 have been busy learning all about the sinking of the Titanic. Whilst learning about this famous ship, the children  have  also been able to incorporate  DT into their learning  by creating their own moving picture that displays the Titanic colliding  with the iceberg. Some  children also decided to continue their learning at home by creating models, or paintings of the ship,  to share at their weekly assembly.

Children from Class 6 enjoyed sharing their homework during their weekly assembly.


Year 6 Evacuated Back To WW2

Nearly eighty years after thousands of children and young vulnerable adults were evacuated from cities across the country during WW2, our Year 6 children had a go themselves. To celebrate the end of our ‘Wartime Britain’ topic the children (and adults) dressed themselves in period clothing and lived the life pf an evacuee for the day.

After being collected from the gate by a member of the Home Guard, a U.S. Naval officer and our very own Land Girls they waved a teary goodbye to their parents before being subjected to a roll call and squeezing into a cramped school hall; much like the evacuees of 1939 would have been when they departed the trains.

I really enjoyed WW2 day, I loved making the food. It was great to have the opportunity to dress up in clothes that I borrowed from my Granddad! Throughout the day we had to hide under the tables when the air-raid siren went off, It was especially funny when the parents came in and had no idea what to do! – Jamie, Class 13

It was here the children had chance to act in character and meet their fellow evacuees, discussing the contents of their suitcases as well as their preferred destination. It was in the hall where the children also had to opportunity to look at some genuine WW2 artefacts including a British Army parachute, an army helmet worn during the Battle of Arnem and some U.S. Navy standard issue items.

Once the children had been sorted in the classes for the evacuation they had the opportunity to write a postcard home to their loved ones. The purpose of this was to reassure their loved ones of their safe arrival in the countryside.

For the remainder of the day the evacuees had the opportunity to create 2 pieces of artwork; one Blitz searchlight themed.

The children also tried their hands at some ration inspired baking. using a genuine ration recipe book the children worked under close supervision from the Land Girls to make bread and butter pudding. A dish very popular during the war as it used up many left over ingredients but also those readily available during the tough time.

Evacuee day was so much fun, my favourite part was making the origami spitfire! Closely followed by baking the bread and butter pudding. It gave us an insight into how people survived with rationing during the war- Abi, Class 14

At the close of the day the children were collected by their parents, their evacuation much shorter than those in the war. Many parents came into class to sample some of their cooking but also sit and enjoy their child’s work from the last term, with the majority of literacy and topic being based heavily

These day’s are brilliant, it’s great to see so many of the children and adults getting involved. It’s lovely to come in and look through my child’s work in the classroom as its not something I often get the opportunity to do. Thank you!- Parent

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” – Dr Seuss

What an amazing half term it has been. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Extreme Reading Challenge. It has been incredible to see the exciting adventures your reading has taken you. 

Infant and Junior winners will be announced this Friday.

Have a lovely Christmas!

Keeeeeeeeeeeep Reading 🙂

Mrs Riches

Spelling Bee 2018

Tuesday brought around the much anticipated Year 5 & 6 Spelling Bee final. Our upper KS2 children have been meticulously going over their spelling words for the last couple of weeks before taking part in a class-based sub competition. It has proved a huge success as it has in previous years. Each class provided 4 finalists, between them spelling over 200 words to book their place in the final.

The final brings around a different challenge with the children standing and delivering many correct spellings including treachery, pronunciation, catastrophe, alleviating and extraordinarily.


Class 11- Zara, Emma, Lily and Issy.

Class 12- Piran, Ella, Gabby and Freya

Class 13- Lola, Jake, Ben and Taran

Class 14- Jack, Luca, Finley and Jude

It was a very close competition with the difficulty of words making even the teachers sweat. But the eventual winner came from Class 13 after a very closely fought battle with Jack, Class 14. Well done Lola, this years Spelling Bee Champion.


All aboard The Titanic!

Year 2 having been learning all about the Titanic, investigating and researching the questions:

  • What happened?
  • Who did and didn’t survive?
  • Where were they going?
  • Why did it happen?
  • How could the disaster have been avoided?

They have really enjoyed compiling facts, colouring pictures, watching clips on the internet, discussing events, compiling a timeline of events and as you can see making some marvellous models at home!

It took me a couple of weeks to make and my dad helped me. The Grand staircase was very special but my favourite bit was when it sank! – Remy – Class 5

My mum helped me, it was tricky sticking the sticks in and I enjoyed painting on the lighted windows – Agnes – Class 5

My model moves. It crashes into the iceberg because I’ve used a magnet    Austin

Year 3: Ready To Rock

Children in Year Three (classes 7 and 8), have started a terms worth of sessions, learning how to play guitar. With guitars on loan from Cornwall Music Education Hub (CMEH),the children are able to take the instruments home to practise becoming ‘Guitar Legends’.

“It is great learning to play the guitar! I have been practising every day” –  Fynn

All of the sessions are provided as part of our music curriculum offer with the hope that some of the children will cary on playing  instruments after the lessons have stopped. Children in years 4-6 have also been given the opportunity to join Penpol School’s guitar club, which has seen an immense popularity and all of the 30 spaces filled within a couple of days.

I like to get up early in the morning and practise” – Alex

The children and I look forward to showing off their guitar skills to parents after Easter. 

Stars of the Week

Infant Star of the Week

Class 5 – Year 2 – Lula

Overall star of the week for Infants is Lula from Class 5.

Lula is a quiet and hard working member of the class. She listens well to instructions and is quick to settle down to her work. She is very thorough in her approach, not rushing but thinking and completing work to the best of her ability. Lula is also very friendly, with a lovely smile, polite and helpful. Well done, keep the great work 

Mrs Daniels

Junior Star of the Week

Class 9 – Year 4 –  Jake

Jake is a very keen learner. He is self-motivated and hard working. At the end of last term we were learning about Modern Europe in Geography and had a competition to see who could learn the most capital cities. He learnt all of the capital cities on our list. Although we did some of this learning in class, it was a homework challenge and he did lots of extra work at home. He also works hard on three-minute maths, speed tables and reading at home and because of this he really deserves star of the week.

Mrs Hamilton/ Mrs Peck

Class Stars of the Week

Class 2 – Reception – Alice

Class 2’s star of the week is Alice. This week Alice has done some brilliant work in maths and showed the class a great method of counting on to find a missing number.  She has worked really hard in phonics on our new sounds as well as remembering all our sounds from last term. In PE she joined in with all our activities and helped her team to win the beanbag game, as well as being one of the first children to get changed for PE. Well- done Alice on a great first week back at school! 

Miss Nidds

Class 4 – Year 1- Alfie

This weeks star of the week is Alfie. Alfie is incredible. He always listens and concentrates. Whenever I ask a question in class, Alfie is the first person to put up his hand to offer an answer. He is so enthusiastic, it is lovely to see. Alfie works really hard with his written work as well. Thank you Alfie for working so hard. Keep up the great work. 

Miss Ryan

Class 6 – Year 2 – Obi B

The star of the week in Class 6 is Obi. Since joining Year 2, Obi has been working extremely hard in all area of the curriculum. He always faces new challenges with a positive attitude and has recently demonstrated that he has the courage and perseverance to complete a variety of  ‘Maths Mastery Challenges.’ Obi has also been working hard to improve his handwriting skills and I am happy to see that he is now beginning to add flicks to his letters to join them together.

Well done Obi and keep up the hard work.

Mrs Ruffell

Class 8 – Year 3 – Jasmine W

I am delighted to say that Class 8’s star to the week is Jasmine.  Jasmine is working really hard in all areas of her schoolwork and has made great progress in spelling and grammar during the run up to Christmas.  She always works very hard during class lessons and is now sharing her great ideas with her class during class discussions.  Jasmine has made very good progress in spellings and is able to recognise root words in spelling which can then help her tackle more complex words with prefixes and suffixes.  She is always enthusiastic, has a great sense of humour and is always kind to her friends.  Well-done Jasmine.

Mrs Conners

Class 10 – Year 4 – Clarissa R

Since we have returned from the school holidays Clarissa has is making a lot more effort in all aspects of the classroom. She has now become one of the first members of the class to put her hand up and answer a tricky question. Clarissa is also able to explain her answers carefully and with justification. As well as in lessons Clarissa has also become extremely efficient and independent. Along with the other girls on her table, she is always the first to clear away without fuss and is sat quietly ready for the next instruction. This is a huge improvement and I am delighted to see this positive change in her. Well done Clarissa! Miss Simpson

Miss Simpson

Class 12 – Year 5 – Jamie T

This week, Jamie has brought in some amazing homework. He has made a Lego spacecraft and buggy against a moon surface background framed in a shoebox. This links to our recent Earth and Space work in Science. You might say it is out of this world! I have been also been pleased with Jamie’s improved attitude to learning. He has been working harder, much faster and is getting tasks completed to a better standard. Keep it up Jamie!

Mr Peck

Class 14 – Year 6 – Alfie Channon

The star of the week in class 14 this week is Alfie Channon. Whenever Alfie comes into the class, he always asks if he can do anything to help. At the end of each lesson, he always offers to tidy things away, even if they are not his own. In short, Alfie is an extremely helpful young man who always sets a fantastic example by his actions. Well-done Alfie, great work!

Mr Wise

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Year Four History Homework Challenge!

In Year Four, the children have been learning about the Romans and their time in Britain. Whilst learning, about the Roman Army, the children were really interested in this aspect and as a result, last week, the children were set an optional homework challenge. The children were tasked with making a historically accurate Roman shield. The teachers in year Four were overwhelmed and delighted with the response. Due to the outstanding quality of the work produced, all children who participated were given a golden ticket.

They look amazing in the classroom and some have even been used in Roman Army marching drills. The teachers would like to thank everyone who helped the children create these fabulous shields and we look forward to the products of the next challenge.


I really enjoyed making the shields – Tom – Class 4