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Sports Day 2020

2020 brought around a slightly different kind of sports day. Over 100 of our pupils took part in first ever Rainbow games, both at home and in school.

The day consisted of children competing in for their houses in a range of throwing, jumping and running activities alongside some cross-curricular olympic themed activities such as designing/cooking a healthy meal; researching one of the continents; creating banner and posters to show their support for their house.

A brilliant event with many children engaging in the activities. Over 18000 points were shared between the 4 houses with less than 100 separating first and second.

Results are announced in the below video!

Year 1 Home-learning – Weeks 1, 2 & 3.

Hi Year 1,
We are missing you very much but know that your adults are doing a super job of looking after you and teaching you.
We hope you’re enjoying the home-learning tasks as much as we are enjoying receiving the photo’s and videos?!
Please do send any photo’s through if you have the time. Remember we love seeing you playing as well as learning!
Miss Whear and Mrs Sukstiene


Alice, from Class 3

Alice’s Grandma will be excited to receive this lovely postcard that Alice wrote!


Keira, from Class 3

Keira loved making ’arrays’ for multiplication with Mega blocks and using part-whole to multiply. Keira explored measuring practically with her first attempt at making pasties – they look delicious!
Her favourite place to watch TV is now hanging upside down and swinging on her Dad’s pull up bar! Keira practised writing her full name in the sand during her daily exercise time!


Alice, from Class 3

Alice joined in with her brother’s home-learning challenge of finding facts on his favourite animal. Super drawing and facts Alice!

Alice’s papa built a pond in the garden that her and brother have been using as a paddling pool while there’s no fish in there. She also planted some plants for our ‘How does Your Garden Grow?’ topic and did some practical measuring during baking…which Alice loves doing!


Henry, from Class 4

Henry has been working hard writing using his adjectives. He and his brother, Arthur, have been printing with lego and creating space pictures. Super work!


Isla, from Class 3

Isla mixed exercise and phonics by reading red and green words in a game of hopscotch. She also enjoyed playing memory games in the sun! Isla then created super stretchy noun phrases using ‘ee’  sounds! Well done for remembering a comma between the adjectives too 🙂 Isla then wrote a lovely letter to Betty and made a raft … I can’t wait to hear whether it floated! Fingers crossed it did!


Violet, from Class 4

Violet has been so busy at home! She has been creative by making a picture frame and painting eggs for Easter. She has been helping her daddy feed the donkeys at his work and baking some delicious flat breads and hummus for lunch! She has also been out in the garden bug hunting! Well done Violet!


Elliott, from Class 3

Elliott has enjoyed making ’stretchy sentences’ to create noun phrases as well as grouping for multiplication. He’s also written and email to his uncle and sorted animals. Well done Elliott!

Toran, from Class 3

Super stretchy sentences Toran adding information with the 5W’s questions (Who? What? Where? When? Why?)
Great use of part-whole models for multiplication and lovely to see you writing a letter to Grandad, which super punctuation and handwriting. I’m sure he’ll love receiving this! Well done!

Harrison, from Class 3

Harrison made a Jet pack with his dad on Tuesday 🚀 He also went for a walk and drew  a heart and said thank you to the NHS.  He also practiced writing his name in a different way. On his walk he collected lots of leaves and twigs and nature items to make things. He made a H for Harrison.


Toran, from Class 3

Toran enjoying drawing arrays from number sentences.

Miles, from Class 3

Great questions Miles. I would rather eat chocolate for the rest of my life and I’d rather swim that float – I love to swim!
Great to see you enjoying the lego arrays for multiplication so much! They’re fun to make aren’t they?!

Matteo, from Class 4

Matteo has been busy at home. Here he is with a train track he has built! He also decorated eggs to celebrate Easter – Very creative!


Noah, Class 4

Noah has been working hard, practising his hand writing. He wrote all about the film Jurassic Park! He also helped his brother with his home learning and they built a tree using recycling! Super work!


Miles, Class 3

Miles making music with natural objects…to his parents delight! :-)Plus excellent use of the conjunctions ‘because’ and ’so’ Miles. Well done!



Betty, Class 3

Super use of shells to practise grouping for multiplication Betty.
I love that Class 3 are sending each other letters – it’s a great way of keeping in contact with your friends! Lovely use of a question mark as well as the conjunctions ‘and’ / ‘because’. Well done Betty!

Arthur, from Class 3

I loved receiving a letter from Arthur today and enjoyed replying with answers to his questions.
Arthur has great fun making a planet picture – it’s stunning! Well done Arthur – can you name the planets?

Harrison, from Class 3

Harrison has made his own pizza from scratch with his dad and baked it in our pizza oven.
Cooking 🍕  & learning about fire safety 🔥


We went on a bike ride, Harrison is fantastic at riding his bike, using his breaks and we even went on the road in places. Learning all about road safety, what side of the road we should be on, keeping to the side, slowing down at a junction and wearing his helmet etc. Today we have been extending  sentences, whilst  talking about our dog 🐕 ……


Max, from Class 3

Max has enjoyed engaging in the handwriting clips I sent on: Super letter formation Max! Well done!

Merryn, from Class 4

Merryn has been super busy over the past few weeks. She has been baking, painting and writing letters to cheer up patients in hospital who are missing their families. She has been getting creative, making lots of pictures with her sister and has been keeping an eye on the tadpoles in the stream to watch them grow! Great work, Merryn!


Ebbie, from Class 3

Great pen control Ebbie – great to see her practising her handwriting.
Ebbie enjoyed an egg hunt over Easter and had a great time splashing in the sea during her daily exercise.

Ebbie’s Daddy is building a barn and Ebbie likes to take lunch to him and help him dig.
She has also written a letter to her nanny to see how she is – it’s important to keep in contact with your family and friends as everyone is missing each other!


Toran, from Class 3.

Toran explored capacity and recorded in standard units of measure! He has also been exploring which kitchen ingredients fizz when added to bicarbonate of soda – I love seeing the concentration on his face! Well done Toran!


Elliott, from class3

Elliott and his brother out on a scavenger hunt, that Elliott had written, as part of our Fresh Air Friday challenge!


Jack, from Class 3

It’s great to see Jack completing the maths Fresh Air Friday activity of making a bird feeder and the writing task of helping your adult cook and writing a set of instructions for your meal. Super use of time connectives to sequence your instructions! The pizza looks delicious Jack! Well done.

Happy Birthday Jack – looks like you had great fun using hair chalks to turn your hair red!


Ezra from Class 4

Ezra has been super busy at home. He’s been practising his handwriting with his sister and having lots of fun!


Reuben, from Class 4

Reuben made an Easter Maths Maze using his lego! He also, with his sister Lottie, worked hard on making a maze together. Great team work!

Luke, from Class 4

Luke explored capacity by using jugs and containers in his paddling pool! He  has also been busy exploring measurement – lovely work Luke!

Rosie, from Class 4

Rosie has been busy looking after the runner beans she is growing! She has  also been exploring art – on herself! You look great Rosie!


Geoffrey, from Class 4

Geoffrey has been working hard at home on his phonics and has been practising his numbers and counting by playing card games at home!


Joseph, from Class 4

Joseph has been practising writing his own addition number sentences and has been exploring coins and money! He  has also been busy writing down his recipe for banana bread. It sounds tasty!Great work!


Luke, from Class 4

Luke has been practising using conjunctions in his writing!

Lowenna, from Class 3

Lowenna has been exploring Hayle on 2 wheels but cycling during her daily exercise.
After successfully making pasties together in school, Lowenna has been teaching her adults to make them at home – they look delicious!
Great to see Lowenna showing her support for the NHS! Who else has been clapping at 8pm on a Thursday night? I have!
Great use of vegetables to create patterns – super to see Lowenna getting into our ‘How does your Garden Grow?’ Topic!

Darcey, from Class 3

It’s been great to see Darcey engaging with the online RWI phonics lessons and helping her adults to prepare some healthy meals – It’s important to stay healthy!


Arlo, Class 3

Super adjectives to describe your character Arlo! It’s great to see Arlo having fun in the sun during his daily exercise. Arlo had great fun measuring his family using standard untis of measure.



Miss Whear, Class 3

My daily exercise / weekly food shopping has been on my bike.


My thoughtful family surprised me with an egg hunt in my garden for my birthday and socially distanced deliveries from friends and neighbours arrived throughout the day! Don’t worry – my family used the visit as their daily exercise and left before I went out to do the hunt! Thank you Reuben (my nephew in Class 4).

Isla, from Class 3

Isla F made her own addition and subtraction game.

She then played ‘say it, make it, write it’ with pebbles.   I loved receiving a video of Isla reading a story to me too!

Betty, from Class 3

 Betty has been measuring using standard units of measure when cooking. She has also made super use of adjectives to describe animals and been practising drawing the o’clock time – well done!


Betty has been measuring using standard units of measure when cooking and proving that reading can happen anywhere!


Thomas, from Class 3

Thomas has been continuing his reading and writing at home and sharing stories. I love seeing how you have been using your daily hour of exercise time.


Miles, from Class 3

Every Friday Miles’ family have a themed day and the children make flags from a chosen country and they cook/eat food from there for breakfast, lunch and dinner too! So far they have had Italian Day (pizza) and American Day (burgers and donuts) – What a fun idea! Whilst cooking, Miles explored capacity by spooning water into various sized glasses with a spoon.


Miles has been practising spelling the days of the week, using capital letters and his neatest handwriting. He focused on ascenders and descenders (tall letters on the line and long letters below the line).


Miles showed his super writing by retelling the story of  ‘The Enormous Turnip’. Great use of the conjunction ‘and’ as well as commas in a list. also wrote some questions to post to his friend James. 

Miles enjoying fresh air Friday and playing maths Lego games


Ebon, from Class 3

Ebon has been making the most of the sunshine to start our new topic ‘How does your garden grow?’ by planting his own seeds. He also wrote the recipe and helped the adults with measuring and cooking. It was lovely looking at the way you have been using your daily exercise time Ebon.

Poor Ebon fell and broke his wrist. Our thoughts are with him and I hear he’s been incredibly brave!

                                               Ebon’s milk lid boat

Harrison, from Class 3

Today Harrison has been very creative and made some fairy houses out of plant pots.

Harrison has been practising using capital letters and question marks by writing questions for their family and friends.

Harrison watched toy story, he then answered questions on the film and rang his nanny describing the film and seeing if she could guess what he had been watching. Harrison also went on a nature walk and wrote  about what he had seen using commas in a list.

                                  Harrison explored number bonds to and within 20 using dominoes!

Harley, from Class 3

Harley has  been practising using capital letters and question marks by writing questions for his family and friends. Harley chose to measure practically when baking a crumble – it looks like he enjoyed it!

Harley loved the kitchen science investigation where he explored mixing bicarbonate of soda with  kitchen ingredients. Luckily he did this outside as there was quite an explosion. I was lucky enough to see the video.

Class 3, would also like to wish Harley a very happy birthday and we all hope he had a great day!



Elliott, from Class 3

Elliott has been making the most of the sunshine to start our new topic ‘How does your garden grow?’ by planting his own seeds, designing a  garden and writing  a list of what he would like in it. He has also been exploring and describing materials.

Class 3, would also like to wish Elliott a very happy birthday and we all hope he had a great day!


Soccer Star Signs For Professional Accademy

Jake (Class 13) is a very talented young footballer who plays for his local club, Hayle. He has recently been working his way through the Plymouth Argyle player pathway. Starting here at home in West Cornwall before moving to Brannel in Mid Cornwall and latterly the Centre of Excellence in Ivybdrige.

In the last few weeks Jake has been on trial with the academy where they have been monitoring not only his level of skill but also his attitude towards both his football and schooling. It is with great pleasure that I can confirm that Jake has met the expectations of the club and has signed his first contract with the Academy, one of only two players from Mid & West Cornwall!

A tremendous achievement for such a hardworking young man! Keep it up Jake, we are all super proud of your achievements to date!

Staff 4 – 3 Students

The much anticipated staff vs students football match did not disappoint. After a cagey first half, the game finished with a total of 7 goals, 8 less than last years affair. The staff were expecting a difficult challenge this year following the children successes over the season and they didn’t have to wait long for the inevitable. After a very slick move from Luca and Charley, Finn raced through to slot the ball calmly between the legs of debutant goal keeper, Mr Peck. Once Mr Peck had loosened his limbs and tied his laces, he was forced into action again, pulling off a fine save from Freddie. The staff struggled to make their possession count with Mr Pollard and skipper, Mr Wells (who was captaining the side for the first time) combined well but struggled to find a way past Jack and Dylan in defence. Then a fine ball from another debutant Mr Jones fell to the feet of Mrs Loughlin in the box, before she controlled it and fired it goalwards with just one swing of her left foot. A fine shot, matched and bettered by a diving save from Caden in goal for the children.

With the staff starting to settle into some kind of rhythm they were pegged back again as the students took another step towards victory when Charley calmly slotted away a penalty after he was upended by a robust challenge from the effervescent Mr Pollard. The staff needed to find a break through and after immense pressure from Mrs Smart and Mr Jones the ball fell to the feet of Mr Stanlake, who stepped infield and blasted a right footed rocket from distance into what the children will call ‘top bins’. This proved to be the spark to the games fire. It turned into a  fraught affair, with Mr Wise calling it a “ding-dong battle, I’d have been happy to pay to watch”.

The attacks came thick and fast from both sides but some resolute defending kept the score at 2-1 until a strong tackle from Miss ‘Nidiniho’ Nidds send Mr Chislett, another debutant, down the left wing, his clipped cross found the head of the 4th debutant named in the match day squad, Mr Emery who headed home into the students net to level the scores. As the half time whistle neared the staff had an opportunity to take a lead into the break but Mr Emery failed to add to his earlier goal after Mr Stanlake sent Ross for a hotdog down the left wing. Ross was making his second appearance for the students 4 years since his last alongside Jack J, both of whom had unsuccessful trials for the staff during their week on work experience.

The half time break brought the opportunity for tactics and oranges. A string of changes at half time for the staff disrupted the students passing style, but they persevered and trusted their ability to pass the ball out from the back, a tactic that has served them so well this season as they were crowned county champions. It was the introduction of Jack for the students that seemed to buoy them, on loan from Hayle Academy, he slid straight into an already strong and competent back 3. The students began to take confidence in the possession they were becoming too familiar with. Mr Stanlake then clipped the ball towards the back post where Mr Pollard was making his presence felt. The pressure he applied to the student defence forced Jack J into making an error which he always looked susceptible to make. His nervous header looped over Caden and settled into the students net. The staff took the lead for the first time in the match much to the disappointment of the student supporting crowd. Mr Pollard’s job outfield was done as he subbed for goal keeper Mr Peck. The moment had come for the introduction of the combative pair of Caroline and Lady Turner for the staff. The destructive style of this pair in defence was complimented by the guile and calmness of Mr Woolcock who controlled the ball at the back like a young Paulo Maldini. A strong tackle form Lady T led to the award of a freekick, the dissent that followed led to her name being the first to enter the book. She was soon joined by Mr Emery whose rash tackle gifted a very good opportunity for the student to level the scores. Unfortunately for them, their well worked move didn’t materialise with Freddie shooting high over the bar.

With only minutes left on the clock Freddie made amends, some brilliant midfield play from Alfie allowed Freddie to play the ball through the confused and tiring defence to Charley who slid the ball past the new ‘keeper Mr Pollard who was sluggish off the line. 3-3.

The game was nearing its climax and neither team looked happy with a draw. The students kept knocking on the door, with Alfie striking from distance and Finn squandering a good chance. Mr Chislett then had a chance to win the game but Alfie ensured that wasn’t the case with some very brave defending. The staff at this stage were struggling to string passes together, Mr Peck playing some good one twos, only to not receive the return pass. The students had the ability and the confidence to keep the ball on the floor and pass to each others feet, making football look as simple a game as it should. This wasn’t the case for the adults.  The distribution from Mr Pollard seemed to be the answer as the staff decided to cut out middle of the pitch and resort to long ball football.

This would be the key that unlocked the children’s defence and ensured the trophy stayed in the hands of the staff as a long throw from Mr Pollard was flicked on by a clever head of Mr Emery. The bounce of the ball beat Jack and Dylan and allowed Mr Stanlake to rush through and take the headlines. 4-3 to the staff. A real cracker of a game.

The students however can take a huge amount of pride from their performance. They continued to display a very positive attitude and pass the ball simply. Enjoying their football like they have all season long.

England v Croatia: The Semi Final

Wow, what a night! England in the World Cup semi finals for the first time since 1990!  

We decided to show the big match on our massive screen in the marquee and invited along parents and pupils to join us in the celebration.

We all got into the spirit of things with flags and face-paint everywhere, not to mention plenty of eager football fans ready to cheer their team to victory.

Five minutes into the game and suddenly…


The crowd erupted, the cheers could probably be heard throughout Hayle, everyone on their feet.  What an atmosphere!

And then there followed a rather excellent 40 minutes of football with England dominating with possession and shots on goal.  Surely, this is our match to win.

At half time it was an opportunity to relax and to get a few photos of everyone looking happy and excited – I’m sure the second half will be just as good!

More details on the second half to follow…

In 2022.

Penpol Do Cornwall Proud At South West Finals

The extraordinary season for the Penpol School football team continued this weekend as they represented the county at the ESFA Danone South West Primary Schools Finals.

Captain Dylan with the pendant presented to him for winning the County Championship.

Representing Cornwall, they played against fellow county champions from Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Dorset. The standard of football was very very high and the team performed very well.

The results didn’t mirror the determination and effort put in from the boys as they lost their first two games 1-0. Heroic efforts from Caden in goal ensured that the score line stayed at 1-0.

The team began to grow in confidence and started to enjoy the day a little more, the second two games ended with Penpol on the wrong end of a 2-1 scoreline; with Charlie scoring both goals.

I for one am intensely proud of the team, their team spirit and effort cannot be questioned. They need to remember that they are still champions of Cornwall, a massive feat in itself- Mr Stanlake

Although the boys were initially disappointed however the realisation that they were representing every child who has played school football in Cornwall they left with their tired heads held very high indeed. A massive thank you to all of those who made the trip to offer support and join the 25 strong band of supporters.

A Busy Week In The Sporting Calendar

After an excellent sporting year, including back to back netball wins and an unbeaten start to the season for our football team, 2017 comes to an end. However, not before a final week of fixtures. 34 children pulled on the shirt last week and represented the school in 3 respective sports, 9 for the first time.

On Tuesday our netball team made their way to Mounts Bay to partake in  one of their regular league fixtures where they defeated Mousehole 5-0 to go into Christmas with 3 wins and just the 1 loss.

The football A team continued their scintillating form by defeating St Hilary by 8 goals to 1, meaning they go into Christmas undefeated scoring over 50 goals and conceding only 3.  As we look forward to the New Year the small task of the regional finals in Bristol sits not to far away.

Penpol’s B team were unable to follow up their previous victory against Ludgvan going down 3-1 against St Hilary. However, this was an exceptional effort against their A team. The B team has been a real success this year with many of the players playing in only their second ever match after record numbers attending football club.

The 4th fixture of the week took place at Penzance Astro Park where 9 children braved the Cornish winter weather to play in 3 matches against Pensans, Trythall and Bodriggy. For 5 of the 9 they were playing competitive hockey for the first time and did exceptionally well with a 3-0 loss sandwiched by two draws. The next round of fixtures takes place in the New Year.



Penpol School- Champions of Cornwall!

Our talented football team travelled to St Austell to take part in the England Schools County Cup. After sealing their qualification with a final penalty defeat to Parc Egos only two weeks previous, the boys set their sights on the top prize.

Drawn in a group with Carclaze, St Mewan and St Breock the competition started well for the boys in black. A nervous 1-0 against St Austell based Carclaze allowed the boys to settle and trust their style of football. By the time their second match came about the free flowing Penpol had passed themselves into an early 3-0 lead before finishing the game 5-0 winners against St Brock (Wadebridge). This was followed by another strong performance against St Mewan, again St Austell based, controlling the game at 1-0 a late goal from St Mewan made the final minutes tense. Before an even later winner ensured the Penpol team progressed from the group with maximum points.

Group 2
Penpol 1-0 Carclaze
St Breock 0-5 Penpol
Penpol 2-1 St Mewan

As the competition moved into the knockout stages the boys began to practise their penalties, after defeat in the previous competition robbed them of the trophy. But they were not required in the semi-final as the ‘Boys in Black’ beat local rivals Alverton 4-0 and secured their place in the final.

Penpol 4-0 Alverton

In the final the boys came up against a familiar team, St Breock, who they had beaten 5-0 earlier that afternoon. The final turned out to be a much more competitive game that its predecessor. However, two very well worked team goals allowed the Penpol School football team to lift the trophy for the first time in many years.

Penpol 2-0 St Breock

Victory is one thing, however it is the manner in which it took place that is really impressive. I couldn’t be prouder! – Mr Stanlake

I’m really happy, it was a great day and a brilliant performance from all the team… and now its time to go home and sleep! – Dylan, Captain – Class 14

The quality of football was exceptional drawing applause from many teachers and spectators. Playing in what is perceived as ‘the right way’ with the ball on the floor and smiles on their faces. Next up- the regional competition in Bristol in the Spring!

What an absolutely amazing bunch of talented, respectful and wonderful young gentlemen. They played like true professionals, trusting each other with every precision pass. Each goal was a collaborative effort and the overall way they behaved showed real strength both as a supportive and connected team. To say I’m proud is an understatement. They are an absolute credit to themselves and the school. Well done! – Mr Doyle


Penalty Heartbreak For Our Footballers

Some of our Year 5 and 6 children who form the Penpol School Football Team took part in the FA County Schools 7 aside tournament for the West of Cornwall on Friday. They performed remarkably well and were the talk of the tournament with their free flowing passing game.

After games against St Ives (2-0 win), Marazion (3-0 win) and Pensans (3-0 win) the boys knew that victory against Parc Eglos would secure them top stop in their group. With that on their minds they set to work dispatching them with 2 fine team goals to set up a semi-final match against local rivals Bodriggy. A hard fought 1-0 victory meant the boys in black progressed to the final, scoring 13 goals and conceding none en route.

Reaching the final ensured the teams progression to the County finals for the first time in many years which are set to be held on the 17th November. Runners-up from Group A, Parc Eglos managed to overcome Alverton in their semi-final to set-up a re-run of the days earlier match against the Penpol boys. An early goal from Penpol meant for the entire game meant they looked favourites for the trophy however a late goal sent the game to extra-time and then onto penalties. The curse for the English struck and the boys were defeated 4-3 on penalty kicks, a terrible way to lose. However they can be extremely proud of what they achieved and we wish them all the best for the finals.


Staff Football Team 8 – 6 School Football Team

Thursday afternoon brought about the much anticipated Staff vs Football team football match and a fine end to the season it was.

With both teams kitted, warmed up, mentally prepared and awaiting the whistle, kick off was delayed due to a freak thunder storm. The weather gods are obviously football fans and were rooting for the children as the wet pitch then suited their passing style of play. Unfortunately for them, nobody told the adults as the pre-match favourites raced into an early lead. After some excellent Lampard-esque work in midfield Mrs Smart released Mr Stanlake to race through and finish past the onrushing ‘keeper. With the staff thinking the game was won they foolishly took their ‘foot of the pedal’ and were immediately pegged back as Finn played Ben through who duly fired past Mr Pollard in goal. His shot rocketed past the flat footed goal keeper ricocheting off the far past and nestling in the back of the net.

Some stubborn defending from Mrs Loughlin and the staff team’s mountainous central defender, Mr Woolcock, ensured the score remained level with the children’s attacks being limited to pot shots from distance to which Mr Pollard was equal to if not better. As the game neared its midpoint the teams looked destined to be tied however a quick fire double from the staff ensured this wasn’t the case. Naomi grabbed her debut goal with a very smart left footed finish after being set free my Miss Clarey’s fleet footed midfield play before Mr Stanlake netted his second, must to the disappointment of the mostly child supporting crowd.


Credit must go to the School team’s ‘gaffa as his team talk certainly worked. Jake would have been playing beside Jake must have delivered some precise instructions to prevent Miss Nidds and Caroline from running the midfield. Dylan and Jowan began to press higher up the field allowing Ethan and Josh to spread the ball with great joy.  Releasing both Charlie and Ben to grab their first and second goals respectively and continue their season of free flowing goal scoring. With the game now tied at 3 goals a piece it settled into a far tenser affair.

Jake was gutted to miss out with a broken arm but plays this part as manager.

A reshuffle in the staff formation from player/manager Mr Pollard proved to be the breakthrough. Combining Mr Little swapping his whistle for his playing shirt and with the introduction of Lady Turner’s combative style the staff had a very good platform to attack from. From an attacking throw in on the left wing Caroline sent on-loan striker Ethan towards goal where he calmly slotted past the isolated Riley in goal. Nervous that the flood gates had opened Riley began to show the form that has earned him the Golden Glove with smart saves from Naomi, Mrs Chapman and a wayward goal kick from Mr Pollard. However, it wasn’t just the youngster drawing attention to his goal keeping ability. Mr Pollard rolled back the years with a handful of acrobatic saves including a cat like reflex s from Ethan’s deflected effort that would have has the scouts of Plymouth Argyle busily bustling for his signature. It was at this point the game could have swung in the children’s favour but for brave defending from Mrs Chapman and Mrs Loughlin whose competitive streak is mirrored by her son Dylan on the opposing team.

As the game neared its final quarter fatigue began to be an issue for the staff team and the rolling substitutions allowed the children to strike through the disorganised defensive set up on show. First through Charlie as a freak bobble left ‘keeper Mr Pollard red faced and on the look out for grounds man Mr Wells. The children’s jubilation was short lived as a clipped ball straight form kick off was flicked on by the experienced head of Mr Little to allow Ethan, on work experience from St Ives School, to poke past reserve keeper Leo.

The match soon descended from a tactical featherweight bout into a heavyweight slogging match as both teams exchanged dangerous attacks, but excellent goal keeping and resolute defending from skipper Josh and a very brave block from Erin prevented a cricket score. The game needed a spark and it was provided by an attacking run from Mr Stanlake who picked up a short ball from the goalkeeper before setting off on a run that Messi would have been proud of – ebbing and flowing between defenders as if they were banks of sand in the Hayle Estuary – before smashing the ball home at the near post. With the minutes left on the clock the goals began to fly in- 3 in 2 minutes.

First it was Charlie securing his hat trick after a trademark run, using his strength the brush Caroline aside before flashing his shot past the goalkeeper but again they were immediately pegged back by the cultured left foot of Mr Little as he feigned the goalkeeper before rifling high into the net. Next came a rush of blood to the head from Mr Stanlake as he conceded a late penalty for what he claimed was accidental handball. Step up Emmeline, who had the chance to bring her team to within one. Her first attempt was powerful, but straight at stand in keeper Mr Woolcock. However, as the ball rebounded she took a touch and dispatched with power as her shot deflected in off the goalkeeper. 7-6!  Game on. With the children buoyed with the idea of drawing if not winning they continued to attack. Unfortunately for them the ever competitive Mr Stanlake had other things on his mind. A pinpoint pass from Mrs Chapman found Mr Stanlake who controlled and turned before curling into the bottom corner to complete the goal scoring.

In truth it was a game closer than most of the staff had envisaged and played with an exceptional level of sportsmanship, mostly from the children. Well done to everyone involved and until next year, the trophy shall sit proudly in the staffroom.