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Penpol Celebrates European Day of Languages 2021

This week, the whole school celebrated European Day of Languages. With a wealth of languages being spoken along the corridors of our school, from Polish to French, Lithuanian to Portuguese, it was especially important to give all languages the recognition they duly deserve.

Students and staff were invited to dress up in the colours of their favourite country and rose to the call in spectacular fashion; by 9am, the whole school was awash with all the colours of the rainbow!

In the morning, KS1 students were invited to sample a French breakfast in the yurt with Mr Emery and six KS2 volunteers. Each class enjoyed singing in French and were then able to order from KS2 students, learning the basics such as ‘Bonjour’, ‘s’il vous plaît’ and ‘merci.’

“Miam miam!” Phrase of the day, which translates as ‘yummy’ in French

KS2 students showed off their already fantastic French skills by competing as a whole class on LanguageNut Live, where each student puts their knowledge of their current French topic to the test in real time against their peers. A huge well done to Reuben and Merryn from Year 3 who came top in their year group on animals and colours in French – Bravo!!

All classes in KS2 also competed in the European Day of Languages shirt competition.
This had all students creating a design to best represent European Day of Languages. If proven successful, they will have it printed on the official European Day of Languages T shirt next year and receive 30 T-shirts for them and their class. I have already received some extremely creative designs so far – keep them coming!

Finally, Mr Emery led each of the assemblies to round off a fun European Day of Languages. From the video of students and staff speaking a multitude of different languages, to singing one of the classic “Tu as un animal” (do you have any pets) song, the assembly encouraged students to be adventurous and have a go at speaking in another language. Whether that’s greeting Diane the dinner lady with a ‘Czesc’ (hello), asking how Mrs Bailie is – ‘como você está’ (how are you?) in Portuguese, or asking for a strawberry ice cream on holiday in France(une glace à la fraise s’il vous plaît). Using a language is fun and the students and staff of Penpol proved that again today.

“Today has been the best day ever!” Louis, Class 12

A huge thank you to everyone who made the day such a great success! Check out the photos from the day, as well as the video of students and staff speaking in different languages.


Year 4 embrace the return back to school!

Today, Class 9 took their Maths lesson outside and, it has to be said, they have embraced the outdoors despite the change of weather!

The lesson today was a recap of what they have been learning about this term – Place value. The students showed great teamwork and were able to confidently partition 4 digit numbers, as well as round their chosen number to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000.

In addition, our Topic this term is ‘Romans on the Rampage.’ The class have been busy learning about who exactly the Romans were and what they have done for us. For DT, each of the students were tasked with creating a Roman helmet using paper mache, balloons, cardboard and, of course, the red and gold paint! This was a great success, with all students now learning Latin salutes in anticipation of a Roman Legion army drill in the coming weeks. ‘Dextrum sinistrum!

Finally, the good weather so far was not wasted, with many of our Guided Reading sessions taking place outside in the Gazebo and our first session of Tag Rugby taking place in glorious sunshine.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Team Y4

Home Learning Challenges – Year 1 – Week 6 & 7

Week commencing – 11.05.2020

Hi Year 1,
We are missing you very much but know that your adults are doing a super job of looking after you and teaching you.
We hope you’re enjoying the home-learning tasks as much as we are enjoying receiving the photo’s and videos?!
Please do send any photo’s through if you have the time. Remember we love seeing you playing as well as learning!
Miss Whear and Mrs Sukstiene


New -PE and Outdoor Learning at Home (Copy & Paste the link in to your browser)


New – Digital Ocean – Surfers against Sewage – Copy and paste the link in to your browser



Luke, from Class 4

Luke has had a fab time enjoying the sunshine this week. He has been playing in his pool, been bodyboarding at the beach and has been doing some great fraction work too! He has also been bug hunting in his garden and creating a super bar chart to show all the different kinds of insects that he has found. Great work, Luke!



Joseph, from Class 4 

Joseph has been writing letters to his friends (and Mrs Sukstiene!). Look at that gorgeous handwriting!

Elliott, from Class 3

Elliott has been busy learning about fractions, positional language and punctuation recently! Well done Elliott!

Ezra, from Class 4

Ezra has had a super week learning all about mental health awareness. He’s been really busy learning about things that make us feel happy and has decided that being outside and exploring helps him to feel positive. Ezra’s family are having a ‘Feel Good Friday’ party today too, it sounds a lot of fun!

Carys, from Class 4

Carys made a super punctuation poster for our English home learning this week. She chose to tell us all about using a question mark. Well done Carys!

Arlo, from Class 3

Arlo’s chose the question mark for his punctuation poster this week and enjoyed completing it with his dad!

Miles, from Class 3

Miles loved tricky word bingo yesterday , he’s asked to play again today!

Florence, from Class 4

Florence has been staying active and getting outdoors a lot during the school closures. She has visited the beach, built dens and was even lucky enough to have a treehouse built by her very clever Dad! Florence has also been a great big sister, playing lots with Agatha. It looks like so much fun!

Rosie, from Class 4

Rosie has had a lovely time practising her dancing, going out on her scooter and having a little pamper with a face mask. It looks like fun!

Olivia, from Class 3

Olivia has been loving exploring number bonds, money and tally charts in maths! She’s also made an incredible plants information poster and been practising her days of the week!


Harley, from Class 3

Harley’s been a busy busy these last couple of weeks. Take a look at his super learning!

James, from Class 3

James has enjoyed studying the weather this week. He has drawn some pictures of the weather and has also been doing some maths sums by filling in the missing numbers.
James climbed Trencom Hill and he felt like he was on top of the world!


Keira, from Class 3

Keira has made a pattern with fruit and vegetables printing.

Harrison, from Class 3

Harrison used the computer to learn about halves and quarters and created a super weather report from last week-

Harrison walked up to Trencrom and loved climbing and jumping around on the big rocks. Harrison and his brother found little caves and spotted St Michaels amount, Penzance, St Ives, Godrevy lighthouse, Hayle and the estuary.

Isla F from Class 3

Isla F has enjoyed recording the weather, and making a wind vane to see which direction that cold wind was blowing in from, earlier in the week. She’s also baked some tasty vegan banana muffins!

Ebon, from Class 3

Ebon has been busy learning his timetables, making flags on VE day and riding his new bike which he was so happy to get riding when his cast came off!

Arlo, from Class 3

Arlo is feeling very proud of his weather report this week… and so he should be – it’s fantastic!

Thomas, from Class 3

Thomas has been enjoying lots of walking and running on the beach the last few days and exploring St George’s Walk looking at the fish and flowers. He has really enjoyed keeping a weather record and drawing lots of happy sunshines.
He has been very good with his reading, phonics and maths. Thomas has also been looking after his sunflower which is growing really fast.

Harrison, from Class 3

Harrison baked flapjack with me today to send to his great grandad for his birthday and he made a wonderful birthday card, drawing the picture and doing all the writing inside. He also planted 4 types of flowers and 4 types of herbs.

Miles, from Class 3

Miles has completed his weather diary and the challenge I set him to think of adjectives and adverbs to describe the weather! He then used them in a weather poem! Well done Miles!  He’s also been adding to his story each day.

Toran, from Class 3

Toran’s been working really hard on his home-learning!    Super addition 🙂


Toran exploring rhyming words!

Arlo, from Class 3

Arlo enjoying dressing up time as Stanley Hulk!

Miles, from Class 3

This morning miles watcher weather videos on you tube and made a weather poster.

Elliott, from Class 3

Elliott has been doing so well practising the DFE online phonics screening past papers! Well done Elliott. He’s also loved exploring money and plants!

Toran, from Class 3

Toran used paint for his pointillism flower and loved exploring money!

Geoffrey, from Class 4

Geoffrey has been learning lots at home this week. He has been exploring the different parts of a plant, practising his handwriting and working on his maths. Super work, Geoffrey – well done!

Ezra, from Class 4

Ezra had a fantastic day celebrating VE Day. He had an indoor street party with his family where they made medals, ration books and danced to music from the 1940s. It looks like so much fun! Great work Ezra, I can’t wait to hear all about it!


Isla, from Class 3

Isla F had a fun week doing coin and leaf rubbings, practising her phonics and writing her short story about a mermaid, called Isla.

James, from Class 3

James is enjoying the weekly challenges – this week he raided his piggy bank to find out about money and to do some coin rubbings. He also explored the different parts of a plant and did some sums in the sand on the beach.

Matteo, from Class 4

Matteo has been learning lots about plants and growing this week. He has practised his English and Maths and also built a boat from recycling. Great work, Matteo!

Harrison, from Class 3

Harrison learning how to use the suffix -ing and learning the value of money by doing some coin rubbings! Well done.


Miles, from Class 3

Miles loved testing out the rockets and writing the experiment up, he said that ‘the big one went the furthest , the little one went round in circles’. He also celebrated VE Day and helped to make mini toad in the holes and bunting!
For their family themed day, they had Chinese day! Miles didn’t think much of Hong-Kong style egg tarts for breakfast but he did like noddles and apple fritters!





Home Learning Challenges from Year 2 – Weeks 1 & 2

Hi Class 6 and Class 5, Mrs Ruffell and Mrs Daniel would like to share some  home learning photographs with you. Please email Mrs Ruffell or Mrs Daniel with  any home learning challenges completed, so that we can share them on the school web site.

Take care – Mrs Ruffell & Mrs Daniel

Online safety at home – copy and paste the link in to your browser.

Fun ways to exercise and keep fit! – Copy and paste the link in to your browser.


Emily, from Class 6 has been learning about punctuation.

Thank you Emily for sharing this weeks learning. You have been learning all about commas and apostrophes and created a fact file about how to look after a dog. I really love all the images you have used. I was so glad to see that you were able able to access the R.E plans, well done. Keep a look out for next weeks home learning challenges.

Verity, from Class 5 has been counting bees.

Thank you for sharing your home learning from this week Verity. I loved reading all of your facts about dogs and bees. Well done!


Lola, from Class 6 has been researching and collecting data

Well done Lola on researching and writing so many interesting facts about Cocker Spaniels. They really are a lovely breed of dog.  I was also very interested in your data collection. Well done on creating a Tally chart and then transfering the information, which you recoded, in to a Bar graph. Great home learning!



Alfie, from Class 5 has been researching facts.

Alfie has written a couple of fact sheets all about bumblebees and rats, you can read all about their very interesting toilet habits!




Oliver, from Class 5 has designed a poster.

Oliver has written a fantastic poster all about his dog Ted, he loves going to the beach.



Isaac from Class 5 has been writing poetry.

Wow! Isaac has written  a poem and designed a poster to try and gain his blue and green blue letter badges. Fantastic home learning Isaac, your poem is brilliant. Well done!



Faith, from Class 5 has been very creative.

Thank you so much Faith for sharing your great artistic and cheerful artwork with us. Well done!

Anya, from Class 6 has been using her mathematical skills, writing facts and learning about Easter.

Wow, well done Anya! I am glad to  see that you have been using your mathematical skills to solve several number problems and also sequencing numbers correctly. You have also drawn a lovely picture of bee and written some interesting facts. I also found it very  interesting reading all about guinea pigs, I never knew that they loved being cuddled and ate vegetables.




Anya, thank you for sharing the picture of your homemade flapjack, it looks delicious! Also what a great  bike ride you did this morning! Well done.


Bobby, from Class 6 has been learning all about bees.

Thank you Bobby for sharing all of your home learning about bees. I was so excited to see that you are already showing an interest in our summer topic.  I thought that your picture, of a cartoon bee, called Bob was fantastic and what a great name for a bee.  I also loved your bee finger puppet. Well done Bobby, great home learning.

Lily, from Class 6 has been writing stories and sentences.

Thank you so much Lily for sharing your learning with us. I can see that you have been busy learning your 2, 3, 5 and ten times tables and also writing stories and  silly sentences, which were all home learning tasks from week one . I was  also very impressed when I read your sentences  that contained the word of the week ‘Saunter’. Well done Lily! Great home learning.


Emily, from class 6 has been putting her mathematical skills to great use.

Wow! Emily, you have really been using your mathematical knowledge to solve so many number problems. You have been learning about direction, time, mass and comparing numbers. I really enjoyed reading your story and  I was so impressed with your handwriting. I also loved the picture of your penguin, which I will save and put on the classroom wall as soon as we return. Well done Emily, great home learning!



Verity, from Class 5 has been busy adapting stories.

Hello Verity!
It was lovely to read your super story today. I loved the way you story boarded it first, just as we do in school. The Princess and the Pea is one of my favourite traditional tales and I loved the way you made it your own by having dogs as the main characters! Do you remember when I read it in school?

Jowan, from Class 6 has been experimenting and keeping fit.

Thank you Jowan for sharing with us your photographs of you keeping fit and how you are  keeping your learning going by watching and then recording  a variety of scientific experiments. It was also lovely to see you sporting a brand new hair style, which looks great! Well done Jowan.



Ava, from Class 6 has been learning all about bees.

Ava has made a great start on the summer home learning challenges. She has been very busy researching for information about bees and recorded some interesting facts. She has also written a detailed story that was inspired by a picture and created her very own weather chart to record the temperature. Ava also used her mathematical knowledge to measure out a selection of ingredients to make her very own pasty. Well done Ava, great home learning.




Tilly, from class 6 has been recording the weather.

Tilly has been very creative by making her own rain gauge out of an empty plastic bottle. Apart from decorating the bottle, she has also drawn a scale in ml to record the amount of rain that falls. Tilly will also be busy recording the daily temperatures and recording the weather conditions on her weather diary, that goes up until the end of April. I look forward to seeing the final amount of rain fall recorded. Well done Tilly, you have definitely shown an interest in recording the weather!


Oliver, from Class 5 has been busy writing stories.

Hello Oliver!                                                                                                                                                                                 I was so pleased to receive your home learning today and read your story all about the Billy Goats Gruff. I can see that you created a storyboard first and then used this plan to write the story out in the correct order. Well done and thank you so much for sharing it with us.


Harry, from Class 6 has green fingers!

Harry has been busy learning all about seeds and what they need to grow in to healthy plants. He has also been researching for interesting facts about  bees and created a poster all about honey. Well done Harry, great home learning. Remember to let us know how your chilli seed grows,  perhaps you could keep a diary of its growth and share with us again?


Wow! Thank you Harry for telling us what we would need if we were to have a snake as a pet.


Lola, from Class 6 has been very busy writing, calculating  and baking .

Thank you Lola for sharing your home learning photographs with us. You have produced a draft copy of your story, edited your spelling and grammar mistakes and then written the story out again in your very best hand writing. You have also shown that you have given the characters a lot of thought by  drawing them in such detail.  It was also lovely to see that you have been calculating a variety of number facts and problems and then using measure to bake some delicious buns.  I am also very excited to see that you have already started to learn all about bees. Well done Lola, I am very proud of your home learning achievements!




Hugo, from Class 6 gets very creative.

Hugo has sent me some pictures, of his home learning challenges, that he would like to share. Not only has Hugo been busy practicing his letter formation and reading skills, he has also enjoyed creating and  completing many D&T activities and by reading and following instructions, made a delicious chocolate cake, which he knows is one of my favourite treats! I just wish I could have tried  a slice. Well done Hugo! I am very proud of your learning achievements.




Violet, from Class 5 has been planning and writing.

Violet has been very busy planning and writing stories of her own. In her writing she has ensured that she has used her best handwriting and included well structured sentences. Well done Violet, some super home learning! keep it up.

Well done! Some super work about bees Violet. Keep it going.



Poppy, from class 6 has been busy Home Learning.

Poppy has been very busy learning her two and tens times tables and then,  after comparing measures, made some very tasty buns. she also created a storyboard for her own story, ‘The Three Fairies’, which she then wrote out in her best handwriting. Well done Poppy! Great home learning.


Well done Poppy, you have researched and written out some great bee facts. Great home learning again!