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Schools in the UK are now closed to the majority of pupils until further notice, in line with Government policy.

A big ‘WOOF’ from Betsy

Hello again everyone, I hope you are all well and still enjoying your home learning challenges.

Since I last wrote to you, I have had a few days that were lovely and also a few days where I chose to be  a bit naughty and I ended up in a little  bit of trouble.

Last Monday, when my family were very busy, I began to feel  a little bored, so I  decided  to have a little roam around my house.  I suddenly noticed that someone had left the bathroom door open and I saw some white paper hanging from the wall. I went up to the paper and grabbed it in my mouth.  I then started to run out of the bathroom door with the paper following behind. Oh what fun I had playing with that paper, I felt so happy, until I heard someone shout ‘Betsy’. I looked up and saw my family staring down at me. They didn’t look very happy.


My family then decided that perhaps it would be better for me to  go outside and get some fresh air,  before I got myself in to any more trouble. I was so excited when I saw that I was going to my favourite place, the beach.

I had so much fun at the beach running and rolling around in the sand but because I have a long coat, I had to have a bath before I went to bed.  When I lay down in my basket, I felt quite excited as I had heard my family saying that tomorrow was going to be a special  day and that they were all going to  be baking delicious buns for everyone to eat.



When I woke up in the morning everyone was really busy, in the kitchen, baking and there was such a lovely smell coming from the oven. I looked through the oven door and I could see some of my favourite buns being cooked. I wanted to just sit and watch them cook but no luck, ‘Walkies Betsy”.

Although I wanted to sit and watch the buns cooking, it was great to get outside in the fresh air and get some morning exercise.

On the way back from my walk, my owner decided to let me off the lead so that I could walk on my own. Suddenly, I could smell those delicious buns and I just knew that I had to have one ,as my mouth was beginning to water.  I started to run home as fast as I could and there, outside of my garden, was a table all decorated with blue, red and white flags and on the top was a tray full of buns with icing on the top. I thought to myself, ‘This must be the special day celebrations that I heard my family talking about”. I just couldn’t wait any longer, I jumped up and  started to eat the buns, licking the icing off first. Suddenly I heard someone shout, “Betsy, those buns were for the V.E day celebrations, now we will have to make some more. I know now that I shouldn’t have taken the buns but they were just looking and smelling so delicious, I couldn’t help myself. Next time, I will wait for my owner to give me one. I think I should now try to stay out of mischief for a while.




Hello everyone at Penpol School, I hope you are all o.k and enjoying all of your home learning challenges. I really am missing all of my extra cuddles and also seeing everyones smiley faces.

At this strange time, I am also not allowed to go outside and do all of the fun things that I used to enjoy doing. Some days,  I often sit and look out of my window,  wishing things could get back to normal and I could go outside to play and visit everyone  at Penpol School, where I love to be made a fuss of.

Although I miss going outside and not visiting Penpol School, I have enjoyed being at home with my family, where I have also been learning new challenges and practicing old tricks. When the sun was shining,  I was so lucky to go down to the beach and play fetch. This is one of my favourite games, especially when the ball goes in to the sea.

Another trick that I have been practicing is  ‘Stay’ and ‘Here”.  This is a good trick, as I get to sit or stand in the same position and then when I hear the command  ‘Here’ I have to run to my owner.  They always give me a big cuddle when I run up to them.

Although I am really happy most days, being at home and learning with my family, some times I feel a bit sad and fed up and just don’t want to get out of bed, especially when it is raining.

On these days, I always tell my family how I am feeling so that they can help me and give me things to do that will stop me worrying and make me feel better. Last week, when I felt really sad, my family let me watch some horse racing on the television.

It was so exciting watching all of the horses galloping down the track and then jumping over the fences. After watching the horses, I felt so much happier and couldn’t wait to get started on my next learning challenge followed by playing in the garden and then having plenty of  cuddles and playtime with my family.

Well I hope you have all enjoyed reading about what I’ve been up to at home. Perhaps you would like to send some photographs of your pets to Mrs Ruffell, so that she can share them with me and everyone else on  the Penpol Times.

Take care

Love Betsy xxxx


Fred, from Class 1

Here is a picture of Fred from Class 1 with Sydney, she’s an Hungarian vizsla.


Ebbie, from Class 3

What a beautiful photo of Ebbie playing with her dog on the beach!


Isla, from Class 2

Here is Isla from class 2 with her pet Cat Alfie, they are watching a film together.


Izzy, from Class 2

It looks like  Luna has been having a fab time playing with Izzy. I wonder what game they are playing? It looks like Luna is taking Izzy for a ride.

Kensa, from Class 6

Kensa and Bruno have also been visiting the beach to have some fun and exercise. Bruno looks just like Betsy. I wonder if they go to the same dog parlour to have their coats groomed?


Egyptian Animations from Year 3

This Half Term the children in Year 3 have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptians.  As part of this exciting topic they have created some beautiful animations of the Mask of Tutankhamun set against a colourful Egyptian scene.

Class 7 Animations

The children paid close attention to detail when drawing the mask itself, looking at the ornate decorations and the beautiful gold finish.  They then researched King Tut to find some interesting facts to accompany their animations.

Class 8 Animations

Well done Year 3 for a great project!

– Mr Woolcock

Year 3 Create their own Winter Ornaments

This term children in Year 3 have been learning how to use the 3D design program Tinkercad.

They’ve learnt how to rotate, resize and combine objects into creative and imaginative shapes.

As well as this they’ve completed a series of mini-challenges to really test their digital building skills by creating 3D models of various objects using a very limited number of building blocks.

After these challenges the children set about creating their own design for a 3D Winter Ornament.  They were allowed to use two colours and used examples from last year as inspiration.

Everyone got the chance to create several different designs before choosing their favourite one to be printed.

Check out all of the amazing designs below, aren’t they great?

Don’t worry if that’s a little too fast for you – here’s a gallery with all of the decorations in.  Click on a picture to view it bigger.

Penpol School Choir at Camborne Music Festival

On Thursday 14th November, some of our fantastic KS2 choir represented Penpol School excellently at the Camborne Music Festival. The Choir sang two pieces, Human – by Rag ‘N; Bone Man and When I Grow Up from the hit musical Matilda, written by Tim Minchin. The choir sang beautifully and were well received by the audience and adjudicator, receiving 84 marks and being Highly Commended.

During the piece When I Grow Up, there was a well praised solo and a number of duets and small group parts which were highly praised and wonderfully sang by the pupils. We look forward to competing at the festival again another year.

The successes of our school choir have led to a record number of members, which now total a staggering 57 pupils in Key Stage 2. If you missed the performance of the choir at the music festival, please look out for future Christmas Concert dates in the coming month. We shall be performing at the annual Key Stage 2 Christmas Concert at St. Elwyn’s Church on 18th December, as well as other venues in the lead up to Christmas.

Mr Jones

Penpol School make their own 3D Winter Ornaments on our 3D Printer!

This year, for the for the third time, we gave every child in Key Stage 2 the opportunity to design and refine their own 3D models on the computer, which we then printed out using our state-of-the-art Makerbot 3D printer.

This year the children had greater design freedom than ever before thanks to the fantastic new ‘Scribble’ tool on Tinkercad which lets the children draw their very own designs on screen, alongside their library of 3D shapes which the pupils have used previously.  This tool was hugely popular and has resulted in us creating some really personal and unique decorations.

We’ve made a short video below to show the process of making our decorations, followed by a very large gallery underneath of every single decoration we printed this year!

This year we printed two hundred and twenty different decorations, which took a very very long time!  You can see all of these decorations in the gallery below – see if you can spot yours…

This year there have been so many lovely designs and each one is completely unique.  They’re all brilliant, but are there any that you particularly like?

(click a decoration to view it bigger)

Enjoying every second of the Hour of Code

Over the last two weeks each class in Key Stage 2 has taken part in the Hour of Code.  For those unfamiliar, Hour of Code is a worldwide event which encourages school children to spend an hour having fun by problem solving through writing code. 

Each year some amazing activities are created and this year schools around the world got to enjoy spending an hour Dance Party and coding their characters to dance their favourite moves.

But enough of me talking about it, here’s a fab video of the children enjoying choreographing their very own Dance Party!

– Mr Woolcock

This is the second year we’ve taken part in the international Hour of Code – you can read more about the children’s Minecraft adventure last year below:

Lizard Claim KS2 Sports Day Title

After a hotly contested series of events it was the yellow ribbon on lizard that was dropped across the handles of the House Trophy award the the highest scoring team on sports day.

The day kicked off with Year 3 and 4 trying their hands at a mixture of events testing their team work, welly-wanging throw, space-hopper bounce, hula-hooping hop and many other skills, before the traditional running races. The day then paused for lunch before it was the turn of the year 5 and 6 children.

The best part of the day for me, is always seeing the children giving their all for their house either by participation or encouraging others. Every single point gained by an individual contributes massively to their teams total- Mr Stanlake

The trophy was presented to Meghan and Finn, who represented Lizard as their house captains by Mr Chislett.

I am so happy we have won but also very proud to be the captain of my house- Meghan, Class 13

Thomas is an official Internet Legend!

A few weeks ago Thomas came to see me with some fantastic drawings that he’d done after the Google Be Internet Legends assembly.  He spent hours drawing and colouring his creations and put in so much effort that I thought it’d be nice to send a copy to the team who helped organise the assembly.

They were so impressed with his enthusiasm and knowledge of E-Safety that they asked him a few questions about what he’s been learning so that they could write a short blog post all about him and the other children here at Penpol.

A week later and a mysterious box arrives in the Mac Suite, with some very exciting goodies inside for Thomas, which we surprised him with in our Friday celebration assembly last week.  I think it’s safe to say he was very, very happy with what was inside!  It just goes to show how putting in a bit of effort and having a passion for something can often lead to unexpected and exciting things!

– Mr Woolcock

Inside the goodie bag Thomas found a Google T-Shirt, some really cool Google headphones, a notebook and pen, a handy hand pointer and a certificate to recognise his Internet Legends status.

Choral Speaking at Truro Music Festival

‘Choral Speaking’ is working together as a team in order to ‘act out’ a poem using voices and sometimes actions.

Class 7 have been working on ‘Oh, Oh The Story Man’ for several weeks, ensuring light and shade, good expression and diction as well as a change of pace and tone, at times using individual voices as well as working as a whole class.

We attended the Truro Music Festival on Monday 12th March, where we performed our poem.  Two other schools took park, reciting the same poem.  Class 7 performed extremely well and won the shield, gaining 87 marks with distinction!

The judges said: “Good discipline today – loud/soft and the sound of the snail moment was lovely!  The dragon moment was impactful too!”

Huge Medal Haul For Our Super Swimmers

Over the last couple of weeks our swim teams have been competing in the Penwith Swimming Gala’s at both Year 3 & 4 and Year 5 & 6. As always, it was a pleasure to travel with these children to represent the school alongside 18 others from the area. All children took part in their individual events including, front crawl, back stroke, breaststroke and butterfly (Yr 5 & 6), as well as the relay events. Many of our children placed 1st or 2nd in their heat and qualified for the finals.

Penpol School were very well represented in the finals, present in 23 of the 36 finals collecting many medals in the process.

Year 3 & 4 results

Both Joe and Ronnie picked up Bronze medals for the boys in the front and backstroke with Amber collecting Bronze in the Yr4 girls front crawl.

Out of the 18 teams present our Year 3 girls and Year 4 boys both finished 3rd in the team competition.

Year 5 & 6 results

I returned from the year 5 & 6 gala with a pockets bursting with Penpol winning 14 medals.

Miranda and Zara both won silver medals for their front crawl and backstroke whilst Freya won bronze in the breaststroke. Emma was not to be left out either following up her 4th place in the butterfly with her part in a silver medal relay performance bringing the year 5 girls total to 7.

The year 6’s collected 3 individual bronze’s  through Jude, Finn and Eva before the Year 6 boys collected a bronze medal each for the relay.

Overall our Year 6 boys came third for their age group and the Year 5 girls came second and qualifying for the Cornwall School Games in June.

The results of the combined competition proved how success the gala had been for Penpol School as we came in 3rd behind the very competitive teams from St Ives and St Uny. However, 3rd placed out of 18 teams is an outstanding achievement.


Well done everyone, and good luck to the Year 5 Girls team at the school games!