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Year 1 Cinema Trip!

What better to do on a rainy Wednesday than visit the cinema?! Classes 3 and 4 were very excited to see the Secret Life of Pets 2 – all about a little dog called Max who has to overcome his fears to save the day.

Our day started with an exciting trip on a double decker bus, with the children singing some lovely songs to keep us entertained along the way. We arrived just in time to settle down for the film and there was lots of giggling throughout!

Before the trip home, we had lunch in the upstairs seating area where the children enjoyed socialising and discussing their favourite part of the film over their sandwiches!

We were so proud of the whole year group – there behaviour was fantastic and was even commented on by a teacher of another school who said that the children we so well behaved and that you wouldn’t know there were 60 five year olds in there!

Well done Year 1, another super trip with fantastic behaviour – we can’t wait for the next!

Year 1 – Spooky Dress up Day!

Classes 4 and 3 had a spooktaculartime celebrating our 'Spooky dress up day."

We took part in lots of spooky activities throughout the day. The children came up with some ghastly adjectives to use to write a 'GHOST' acrostic poem. 

We also explored estimation in maths, carrying out a ghoulishpumpkin investigation!

Both classes loved getting messy by making some spooky, gloopy soup too! 

We finished the day with a 'spooky' disco and yoga, retelling a haunting story through yoga poses.

We all had a magical day!

Penpol French Café Video Montage – The Final Cut!

Pupils at Penpol have performed amazingly well in French this past term by showing that they can order food an drink in French.

All classes performed really well, using the key phrases “je voudrais” (I would like) and “s’il vous plaît” in order to order food and drink.

Check out the video below which gives you an overview of what they have all been learning recently, as well as showing how much they enjoyed this topic.  Bravo Penpol!

Year 1 are Movie Music Makers

The children in Year One have been creating soundtracks for a clip of the classic cartoon Tom and Jerry. After watching the short 1 minute clip, they discussed what sounds they could make for each of the different elements. We focused on dynamics, discussing where it would be appropriate for loud and soft noises and timbre, developing a mix of sounds for the different elements.

I loved it, it was really funny – Ted Class 4

Winners of the Penpol Times Easter Egg Hunt 2018

At the end of last term, a mysterious message appeared on the Penpol Times, along with a dozen hidden eggs!  Nearly fifty children managed to hunt down all twelve eggs in order to unscramble the secret message contained within.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, the secret message was actually ‘Happy Easter!’

Well done to our winners, who were chosen at random earlier today.  They are James B from Class 3, Scott from Class 8 and Gabby from class 12.  Well done to all three of you and enjoy your prizes!

A Brilliant Book Day

Class 4 had so much fun on Friday. It was Penpol Book Day! The school missed World Book Day due to the snowy weather but we made up for it in style. Everybody dressed up as their favourite book character and Class 4 were dressed to impress. Check out some of our photos…

I was dressed up as the wolf man and I was so excited because I won a prize for the dressing up competition. – Flynn

The children and the parents put in a huge effort in making the costumes. The children looked fantastic. They brought in their favourite stories from home and shared them with the class.

I’m Mr Strong. Mum and Dad helped me make my costume. I love it. – Zak



Georgia and Tacita dressed up as Goldilocks.


I dressed up as the rainbow fish. I helped my mum make the costume and my mum wore the same costume to her school for their book day. – Ada.

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears


Well done class 4.

Class 3 Have Fun Making Milo

Class 3 have recently started getting to grips with our Lego WeDo 2.0 robotics sets and this week took their skills to a whole new level by building and coding Milo, the explorer robot.  To build this cute little robot the children had to follow a series of building instructions on their iPads, ensuring they worked in a team to locate the pieces required and to build the robot correctly.  Having displayed a great amount of teamwork and excitement, the children then wrote a short program to make their model come to life. By dragging and dropping blocks of code, the children wrote a set of instructions to move the robot forwards and backwards.  Some groups even found a way to have Milo make noises as he moved around.

“I really liked racing the robots, our one didn’t move very much but it was really fun.  The band wasn’t on right on my robot but we fixed it and it worked in the end” – Ada, Amelia, Amelia

“I liked it when our robot was in the race.  I liked it when it made code so it sounded like it was talking .  I liked it when we started building the robot because we had really good teamwork” – Alex, Louis, Ethan M

When each group had built and programmed their model we all went outside to have a quick race.  With plenty of cheering and excitement, all of the Milo robots went head-to-head to see which was the fastest.  This thrilling race has been immortalised on film for everyone to relive and enjoy!