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Tess H & Chloe: Computing Stars of the Week

Key Stage 1: Tess H (Class 6)

Tess has had a fantastic couple of terms in Computing, but this week she really demonstrated her brilliant sense of determination and persistence as well as her keen eye for helping others.  She not only completed her own work to the highest standard, she then offered to help her friends nearby who were finding it slightly trickier.  She’s always a pleasure to have in class and never faces a challenge in computing without a big smile on her face!  Well done Tess.

Key Stage 2: Chloe (Class 12)

Chloe excels when given a task in computing.  She always puts in 100% effort and her work speaks for itself.  She’s able to solve complex puzzles, design fantastic graphics and puts all of this together to complete any task that she’s been set.  She’s a fantastic example to other pupils in the class with her friendly, supportive personality.  She’s a real computing star and deserves the award for never giving up (and encouraging others to do the same!)  Well done Chloe.

Reuben & Connor: Computing Stars of the Week

Key Stage 1: Reuben (Class 6)

Reuben is incredibly interested in everything to do with technology, from creating code to finding facts online, Reuben is the person to ask if ever you need help.  Last week he explained, flawlessly, exactly what the internet is and how it works.  That’s not a simple concept to explain!  He’s also excelled at building the Lego WeDo robots in our lesson this week and was in one of the first groups to successfully build and write code to control Milo the Rover Robot.  He has clearly got a huge amount of enthusiasm for Computing and this love of learning is going to help him discover many, many new skills and talents in the future.


Key Stage 2: Connor (Class 12)

Connor is one of the most enthusiastic and helpful Year 6 children in Computing.  He helps run Code Club every week, helps the children who get stuck with their 3D modelling and has this week had his own 3D model of a computer printed out in incredible detail.  He’s currently exploring new programs to code apps and games, as well as creating his own web pages in Dreamweaver.  Well done Connor and thank you for all your help.

Year 6 Get County Hockey Coaching

The children in year 6 were very fortunate this week as their PE lesson was led by a visit Cornwall Hockey Coach. With the popularity of hockey on the rise following the Gold medal won by Team GB in Rio last year it was great to see the children having a go, especially those that had never had the opportunity to pick up a stick before.


At Penpol School we aim to give the children as much opportunity as possible to try something new, especially when we are able to bring in outside help and build our relationship with community clubs.

Through the sports governing body, EnglandHockey, we were able to bring in a Penzance club coach who also leads many of the coaching clinics for the County Youth sides. A fantastic opportunity which was enjoyed by all.

For more information regarding the extensive junior provision at Penzance please follow the below link.


Icarus & Harry: Computing Stars of the Week

This half term we are launching our new award for excellence in Computing!  The winners of this hotly-contested award will get their own unique, 3D-Printed Computing Star medal to keep forever.

Our first winners are…

Key Stage 1 – Icarus (Class 5)

Icarus wins the first Star of the Week award for his incredible problem solving skills, determination and enthusiasm whilst completing the courses on  Over the past few weeks Icarus has completed 138 different puzzles and has written a staggering 682 lines of code!  This means he’s the first child at Penpol to finish the level 1 coding course, so well done Icarus. – Mr Woolcock

Key Stage 2 – Harry

I could think of at least 20 different reasons why Harry deserves to win the Key Stage 2 Star of the Week award – his continual drive to learn, helping to hand out the iPads to every class each day, offering support to other children who are stuck and his outstanding problem solving skills when coding are just a few of those reasons.  But he’s won the award for his all-around helpfulness and commitment to running Code Club for Key Stage 2.  Every week Harry is the first into the Mac Suite at lunchtime and helps sign in other children, helps anyone who is stuck and still finds time to create and code his own iOS apps and games.  He’s a genuine help to myself and Paul in the ICT Suite and is a very deserving first recipient of this award.  Well done Harry. – Mr Woolcock

Penpol Celebrates 9 More Super Sixes!

Becoming a Super Six at Penpol School is not just about academic success. It is about being recognised as an excellent role model and someone who clearly upholds the values and ethos of the school.

All Super Six pupils receive a certificate which must be agreed and signed by all teachers. Therefore, to be chosen as a Super Six is a wonderful achievement and something to be very proud of.

Once again at Penpol School we have been able to celebrate another nine of our Year 6 pupils who have achieved their Super Six award.

Super Six – Coral – Class 12

Super Six – Coral – Class 12

Coral is a great addition to the Super Six team.   She is always full of energy, happy and smiling and because of this sets a fantastic example to everyone in year six and throughout the school. Not only does Coral set an example when she represents the class or the school in whatever she does but she is a fantastic role model in the classroom: always looking for work to do; never happy until she has finished the tasks she has been set and always keen to help other people when she has completed her own task. Best of all, like all true Super Sixes, she sets herself very high standards and is never satisfied until she has met them even if it means hard work and perseverance. Well done Coral

Super Six – Ethan – Class 13

Incredibly bright  and with a real yearning to learn, Ethan is another who sets himself goals and works hard to achieve them. He excels in Maths and Science and is quick to help others if they require it. He has a quiet personality with a dry sense of humour, which is always welcome in the classroom. It has been a pleasure watching him develop throughout this year so far and I look forward to seeing him progress even further in the months ahead. He is a wonderful role-model and a true gentleman who reflects the ethos of Penpol School at all times. Well done Ethan.

Super Six – Iris – Class 12

Super Six – Iris – Class 12

Iris has been picked to be a Super Six because she sets a shining example to everyone with regard to how she goes about her work. She is unfailingly enthusiastic whenever she is given a task and goes about her daily work with a great sense of pride, humour and commitment. Iris is one of those children that never needs telling to do anything. As soon as she comes into classroom in the morning, she is the first to get her jotter out and start doing morning work or responding to marking. As with all Super Sixes she never fails to give 100% and will persevere long after most people (including the teachers) have given up. Well done Iris

Super Six – Joshua – Class 12

Super Six – Joshua – Class 12

Joshua is a one-of-a-kind! Studious to the nth degree, he is always turning up at my desk with more homework, which I haven’t set! He is always the first one to have his hand up eager to contribute to class discussions or to answer a question, as well as listening intently to learn something new. He just wants to learn! Most days he comes to me to ask me when we might be learning ‘Area and Perimeter’ for example, and I reply with my customary reply of ‘sometime in the future’! However, I have to admit that I really do appreciate his work ethic and he is an asset to the class. Well done.

Super Six – Eve – Class 12

Super Six – Eve – Class 12

Eve has been selected as a Super Six as she is an incredibly sensible young lady who has a very wise head on those young shoulders.   In true Super Six fashion, Eve always gives her absolute best no matter what task she is faced with. Both in the class and on the sports field or swimming pool, she inspires everyone around her with a fantastic attitude her boundless energy, enthusiasm and teamwork. Not only does Eve persevere in everything she does but she inspires everyone around her to do the same – she is never afraid to ask for help if she needs it and always willing to lend a hand to those around her. Well done Eve

Super Six – Josh L – Class 12

Super Six – Josh L – Class 12

Our amazing drummer boy! Josh is incredibly hard-working, studious and has a desire to improve; he always does what’s expected and aims to please. He works hard, as well as working well with others and is a great role model for other children to look up to. He is very patient and has strong self-discipline, proven with the level of ability he has been able to reach with his drumming. Another great role-model and I would imagine he will be a role-model for many more in the future when he is in a band playing in front of thousands on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury!

Super Six – Haydn – Class 12

Super Six – Haydn – Class 12

Haydn is an absolutely fantastic example of all the things a super six should be. He is a fabulous role model to everyone in class, he is kind and considerate and unfailingly polite. He is more often than not very quiet but this is usually because he has his head down working as hard as he can. Not only is Haydn a terrific worker but he is always happy to share his work with everyone else and he does all of this with a smile on his face and with a fantastic sense of humour. At Penpol we always try to ensure that children persevere at everything they do and Haydn is a shining example of this to everyone in class. Well done Haydn.

Super Six – Jake – Class 13

Super Six – Jake T – Class 12

Jake is a wonderful young man, mature, helpful and with a great sense of humour. I’ve enjoyed watching him develop this year, becoming more extrovert and confident and being a person that others look up to. He sets himself enormously high targets and then strives to meet them; if anything, he is too much of a perfectionist! He is a great help to me around the classroom as well as on the football pitch, where his never-give-up attitude is ideally suited. Well done Jake.

Super Six – Morgan – Class 12

Morgan is another fabulous example of everything that a Super Six should be: a hard worker, a modest person and someone who always tries his best at whatever he is asked to do. Morgan is another quiet person but that’s usually because he is working hard, helping other people or ensuring that the classroom is in tip top condition. Like a true Super Six, he is never afraid to ask question, always happy to muck in when things need doing and can always be relied on to volunteer for tasks even if it means missing his break time.   One of the main things we expect from Super Sixes though is that they are polite to everyone around them and set a shining example. Morgan is all of these things. Well done.


Penpol celebrates its first Super Sixes

At Penpol School we have very high expectations, especially when it comes to our Year 6 pupils. Therefore, to be chosen as a Super Six at is a fantastic achievement and something to be very proud of.

On Friday 9th December Penpol celebrated seven Year Six pupils receiving their Super Six Certificates of Achievement.

Super Six – Abby – Class 12

Super 6 – Abby – Class 12

To be a true Super Six requires a pupil with many star qualities: perseverance, great communication, and the ability to reflect on their achievements and work with others.  Abby is someone who has all of these qualities and more.  Her popularity in class 12 means that she is a natural leader, who provides a fantastic role model to all other children in the class and throughout the school.  Her work is always of the highest quality but despite this she is always seeking to improve and make sure that her already high standards are exceeded.  Abby is a great thinker and communicator, who makes a fantastic contribution to every lesson that she is in and always has an endless list of fascinating questions that keep Mr Wise on his toes.  Coming to a new school is never an easy thing to do and it requires someone with special skills to not only fit in but provide a shining example to all children and adults whilst doing so.  For this reason and all of those above, Abby is a worthy recipient of the Super Six award.  Great work Abby and well done.

Super Six – Chloe – Class 12

Super 6 – Chloe – Class 12

Chloe is an absolutely fantastic example of a Super Six, who leads by example and is an amazing role model for all other children in the class and across the school.  She is kind, caring and helpful and never gives up. Like all children in the school, she perseveres until she has finished her work, no matter how hard the task. However, in true Super Six fashion, when she is finished she always helps her partner or makes sure that she reflects on what needs to be done next.  If the definition of being a Super Six is someone who is kind and helpful then Chloe is right up there. Ever since she has been in year six, she has gone out of her way to make sure that the classroom is clean and tidy and will always check with other adults if they would like anything doing, often giving up her own time over break to do this. Chloe does all of these things in an unfussy, calm and quiet manner and is a well deserved recipient of the award of Super Six.  Well done Chloe and thanks for all your dedication and hard work.

Super 6 – Tilly – Class 13

Super 6 – Tilly – Class 13

Tilly is a great role model for the other children, always helping others whilst also executing her own work to the highest standard. As well as this, she has got a sterling personality to go with it as well. If she ever finds anything difficult, she perseveres until she understands it, even staying in at break-times sometime for support with her Advanced Maths work she has been doing. When the other teachers found out that Tilly was going to be one of the super-sixes, everyone had glowing compliments about her, so obviously she has been a star throughout her time at school. Well done, Tilly!

Super 6 – Erin – Class 13

Super 6 – Erin – Class 13

Erin is another super role-model for other children, and again executes her work to the highest standard. The third of the Hardy children that I have had the pleasure to work with in one way or another, and all three have been a credit to their family. Another who is working in the Advanced Maths group and she perseveres really well with this, even though a lot of it is extremely tricky! She always surpasses expectations due to her own high expectations she has for herself. She always comes in with a smile on her face, communicates well with children and staff alike and is a pleasure to have around. Well done Erin.

Super 6 – Lily – Class 13

Super 6 – Lily – Class 13

If Lily were a Mr Men character she would be Little Miss Smiley! Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without a broad smile beamed across her face.

Lily always works hard and is well-liked by everyone in the class because of her sunny disposition. One of the three amigos, along with Erin and Tilly, she always works hard, perseveres when she finds her work difficult and works well with others. She is extremely helpful and goes out of her way to help others.

Super 6 – Katie – Class 13

Super 6 – Katie – Class 13

Katie is a fantastic young lady who never gives up no matter how hard or challenging the task may be. She has demonstrated a very mature attitude with her responsible approach to her learning and the perfect example of this is the huge amount of extra work she has been doing to learn her times-tables, practicing every night at home and bringing in extra work to show me. As a result she has made superb advances in her mathematics. Katie is very kind hearted and has a genuine interest in others well-being and forever goes out of her way to interact with her peers and staff. I know that she will keep up this exemplary work-ethic and continue to persevere, even when she finds something tricky.


Super 6 - Emily - Class 13
Super 6 – Emily – Class 13

Super 6 – Emily – Class 13

If I could give out a trophy for endeavor, effort and never giving up, my prize would go to Emily. Emily’s focus and dedication is proven by the amount of work she does at home, with her own drive and ‘can-do’ attitude helping her to do the best for herself, which is an amazing quality to have. She’s a great role-model for others due to this self-drive, aspiring to become the best that she can be.

Class 12 make Photoshop Collages

Over the past couple of weeks the Year 6’s have been making digital collages using scanned in artwork and Photoshop.  By creating these works of art the children have been learning about the lasso selection tool, the move tool, layer styles, blending modes, hue+saturation adjustments, the filter gallery and the liquify tool.  We’re incredibly pleased with how their artworks have come out, below are just a few examples to give you a flavour of their excellent work.

Erin, Class 12


Harry, Class 12


Haydn, Class 12


Josie, Class 12


Morgan, Class 12


William, Class 12