Star of the Week

Mrs Turner

Overall Infant Star of the week

Class 5 – Year 2 – Myla

Myla is a lovely, polite and well-behaved member of the class. She is attentive during class teaching, settles quickly to a given task and always tries her best to produce work of a high standard. Well done Myla, keep up the great effort and continue to be a great role model.

Mrs Daniels

Overall Junior Star of the Week

Class 14 – Year 6 – Abigail

I have been very impressed with Abigail’s attitude to learning all term. She has been working hard and getting more involved with class discussions, putting her hand up to contribute with more confidence. She has recently won a prize for her artwork at school with her winter scene piece. However, Abigail also has art -work displayed at the Tate gallery, St. Ives, in which she was a prizewinner in a recent competition. People were even bidding for her work! She has been keen to help in all areas and was a super volunteer at the Christmas fete. Great work Abi!

Mr Peck

Class Stars of the Week

Class 1 – Reception – Hallie

Hallie is the star of the week. She has done some amazing writing this week, especially some news writing where she wrote about going to the park. I love the way Hallie listens really well in class, follows instructions and works really hard at everything she does. Hallie wrote some great addition sentences this week too and is working hard to recognise her teen numbers. Hallie is really kind to her friends and comes to school with a lovely smile everyday. What a super star. Keep up the hard work Hallie.

Miss Aspden

Class 3 – Year 1Evie

Evie is this weeks star of the week. She is very positive in class and always gives her best. Her independent writing has improved enormously and her art work excellent. She was a singing star in the church and a pleasure to watch.

Mrs Rodda

Class 6 – Year 2 – Jasmine

The star of the week in Class 6 is Jasmine.

Jasmine is a friendly and polite young lady who always offers to help out around the class and support her friends. Recently Jasmine has been working extremely hard to learn her words for the Christmas production and it was through great determination and commitment that she was able to stand on the stage and read her words aloud with great confidence and presence.

Well-done Jasmine!

Mrs Ruffell

Class 7 – Year 3 – Stellan

Stellan is proving to be a reliable member of class 7. He works hard, listens carefully and completes tasks independently. You only have to ask Stellan once and he will be getting on quietly and sensibly with what he has been asked to do. When you make suggestions to improve his work, he will do his best to apply them to further develop his learning. He is a good friend to others and plays and works well with his classmates. Well-done Stellan. Keep up the good work.

Mrs Peck

Class 10 – Year 4 – Lucy

Lucy is someone who I could easily give this award to every week. Everyday she comes into school with a huge smile on her face and an extremely infectious giggle to match. It never fails to brighten the day! Over these last few weeks Lucy has proven to be an efficient member of the class, completing tasks quickly and with pride. Lucy is also eager to help her fellow class-mates and always looks out for them!

Never lose that big smile Lucy!!!

Mrs Riches

Class 12 –Year 5Zannah

This week’s star of the week in Class 12 is Zannah.

Zannah has had an amazing few weeks in Class 12.  She has worked quietly and extremely hard at everything that she has been asked to do and has really begun to find her voice in class.  This has meant that her work has been outstanding, especially her writing which is beautifully presented and a joy to read.  Zannah is an absolute star of the class who always sets a great example to everyone else and this is a well-deserved award.  Well-done Zannah.

Mr Wise

Class 13 –Year 6 -Autumn

This weeks star of the week is Autumn. The older children have spent a lot of time practicing for the KS2 carol concert. Autumn has a beautiful singing voice and always sings with a smile on her face. An infectious smile which she brings to all aspects of her school life along with exceptional amounts of hard work and enthusiasm.

Well done Autumn, keep smiling!

Mr Stanlake