Stars of the Week

Mrs Turner

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Class 3 – Year 1 – Evan

Evan is our overall star of the week. He is exceptional in all ways. His speech and understanding is well beyond his age. He reads, writes and explains mathematical problems with ease. He is also a kind and thoughtful friend to many in the class. He is strong and controlled in gymnastics and is a super hula hooper !  Well-done Evan I know you will keep it up.

Mrs Rodda

 Overall Junior Star of the Week

Class 12 – Year  5 – Jessica

The Star of the week in Class 12 this week is Jessica.

Jessica is usually to be found with her head down working at a tremendous pace.  She loves working and just doesn’t seem to stop.  Not only is she a fantastic worker but she also is amazing at helping others – she always has her hand up to contribute to discussion in class and is never short of a very interesting question or two.  To top it all, she does all of this with an amazing smile on her face.  Well-done Jessica.

Mr Wise

Class Stars of the Week

Class 2 – Reception – Isla

Star of the week from class 2 is Isla.

Isla comes into school every day with a smile and brilliant enthusiasm for her learning. This week Isla has brought in some great learning she has done at home to show the class and has been busy practising both her sounds and numbers. She always joins in with group activities and is kind to other children in the class. Well done Isla, a well deserved star of the week!

Miss Nidds

Class 4 –Year 1 –Tilly

This week’s star of the week is Tilly from Class 4.  I am really impressed with Tilly’s math’s this week.  She has been using the part whole model to represent teen numbers.  Tilly is really getting the hang of tens and ones.  Well-done Tilly.  Great stuff!

Miss Ryan

Class 5 –Year 2– Bruce

Bruce is a lovely member of the class, who is helpful and well behaved, one of the first to be on the carpet and ready to start even before I am! He settles quickly to his work and tries his best, well done Bruce, keep up the  great effort

Mrs Daniels

Class 8 – Year 3 – Chloe

We are really happy to say that Mrs Connors’ and Mr Jones’ choice to Star of the Week this time goes to Chloe.  She has worked very hard in all aspects of her school life but most notably with her writing.

This week she has come up with some great ideas in English lessons and written longer pieces of writing each day.  Well done Chloe, You really are our ‘star’ this week.

Mrs Connors / Mr Jones

Class 9 – Year 4 – Zach

Zach has had a great first term in year 4.  He listens really carefully, is often one of the first people ready to start his learning and has been used on numerous occasions as an example of how to behave.  We have been particularly impressed with some of his writing. He has been really creative and has used some really exciting vocabulary, especially in our poetry writing. Well-done Zach.

Mrs Hamilton

Class 11 –Year 5 – Ollie

Ollie is putting constant effort in in class. He is also bringing in a lot of extra homework, proving how creative he is. He has lots of ideas and regularly brings these into his work that he produces. Well-done Ollie!

Mr Pollard / Mr Emery

Class 14 –Year 6 – Harvey

I have been very impressed with Harvey’s attitude to learning this week. He has been working harder and getting more achieved during lesson time. I have been pleased with his effort in maths and he has been enjoying the work on fractions, even asking for extra homework around the subject. He worked well during the science investigation and likes working scientifically. Harvey is always helpful in class. A great week Harvey – keep it up!

Mr Peck