Star of the Week

Mrs Turner

Overall Infant Star of the week

Class 4 – Year 1 – Rosie

The overall star of the week in the infants this week is Rosie from class 4. Rosie has really impressed me this week. Her listening in class is exceptional. Whenever I ask a question, Rosie is one of the first people to have their hands up. Whether she is explaining the difference between portrait artists, Picasso and Da Vinci or telling me about the continents of the world, I can rely on Rosie to be listening and working hard. I have also notice a big improvement in her writing. Well-done Rosie. What a super star!

Miss Ryan

Overall Junior Star of the Week

Class 11 – Year  5 – Ronnie

Overall Star of the Week this year is Ronnie: Ronnie consistently tries his best and is a great role model for the rest of the class. He is also extremely diligent when it comes to supporting others and will always lend a hand where he can. He has a wonderful manner and Class 11 would be a poorer place without him in it.

Mr Pollard / Mr Emery

Class Stars of the Week

Class 1 – Reception – Merryn

Merryn is our star of the week. She has grown massively in confidence and comes into class every morning with a lovely smile on her face. Her writing is coming on amazingly. Her handwriting is very good; she is linking sounds to letters and is starting to write words and captions with help. Merryn is amazing at her numbers too. She wrote numbers to 18 and loved spotting numbers on our number hunt around the school. Merryn’s reading has come on leaps and bounds and now there is no stopping her. Fabulous effort, Merryn. Well done.

Miss Aspden

Class 3 –Year 1 –Alfie

Alfie  is the star of the week in class 3. He is always enthusiastic, helpful and polite. He works very hard in all subjects with excellent results. He achieved 100% in his accelerated reading test and his writing and mathematics tasks are thoughtful and well presented. It is a pleasure to have him in class. Well done.

Mrs Rodda

Class 6 Year 2– Piran

The star of the week in Class 6 is Piran. Piran is a kind, polite and friendly young who always gives 100% towards his learning. This week, during a phonics session, Piran demonstrated that he has the ability  to support his peers with their learning and it was a pleasure watching  him do this with such a positive attitude. Piran has also been working very hard during the numeracy lessons and is now able to identify a series of fractions from shapes and amounts

Well-done Piran

Mrs Ruffell

Class 7 – Year 3 – Jemima

Jemima is Class 7’s Star of the week.  She is consistently the first ready to learn and she always listens carefully and endeavours to do her best.  Jemima is making great progress with her maths and she has began to show more stamina with her writing. She has completed a number of reading quizzes successfully and has brought in extra homework. She is a kind and helpful member of the class.

Well done Jemima, keep up the good work.

Mrs Peck

Class 10 – Year 4 – Fin

Over these last few weeks Fin has real effort in all aspects of the school life. He has learnt to channel his enthusiasm into his work and is always the first to offer an answer or opinion in a class discussion. These opinions and answers are always well justified and Fin can clearly explain his thought patterns. Fin is also an extremely caring individual and will help others without being asked.

Well-done Fin! Keep it up 🙂

Mrs Riches

Class 12 –Year 5 – Summer

The star of the week this week in Class 12 is Summer.  Summer has been working extremely hard this week in all areas.  Her handwriting is absolutely beautiful and this has meant that she has been able to improve her writing, which allows her to show off her great story telling.   Equally in maths, she has been pushing herself to improve and approaches every maths lesson with a smile on her face.  Well done Summer and keep up the great work

Mr Wise

Class 13 –Year 6 – Poppy

This weeks Star of the week is Poppy Hunt-Cummings. Poppy has worked extremely hard this week in maths. She is beginning to take confidence in her own ability and has demonstrated high levels of resilience when working with complicated double digit division. Keep it up Poppy!

Mr Stanlake