Stars of the Week

Mrs Turner

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Class 1 – Reception – Carys

Carys is our star of the week. She has done some lovely writing in class this week and continues to practise her writing at home too. She is linking sounds to letters, writing words and is starting to write captions. Carys is the most kind, caring and sharing person. She takes care of all her class friends and is always there to help a friend in need. Carys listens beautifully, loves to get involved in class activities and is all round amazing. What a super super star.

Miss Aspden

Overall Junior Star of the Week

Class 10 – Year 4 – Riley

I am delighted to give the Junior Star of the Week to Riley. These past few weeks have seen Riley coming into school with a completely different attitude. He is constantly trying his best and is becoming an active member of the classroom. This week Riley has challenged himself, tackling hard maths concepts and has written a stunning poem. It is amazing to see Riley’s confidence and the smile on his grow.

Keep it up Riley, I am truly so proud of you!

Mrs Riches

Class Star of the Week

Class 2 – Reception – Kobain

Our star of the week is Kobain.

Kobain is a kind and caring member of class 2 who grows in confidence every day. This week Kobain has done some great work with his learning partner and has been playing nicely with others in the afternoon. In phonics, he is confidently recognising his sounds and is now blending them together to quickly read and write words. Well done Kobain, you are a superstar!

Miss Nidds

Class 4 –Year 1 – Scarlett

This week’s star of the week in Class 4 is Scarlett. I am so pleased with Scarlett’s spelling and work in phonics. I asked her to practice as much as she could at home and the result in last week’s spelling test was outstanding. Fantastic work Scarlett. Keep up the good work!

Miss Ryan

Class 5 –Year 2– Louis

Class 5 star of week is Louis. Louis is a lovely, kind and gentle boy who also happens to be great at maths and pretty good at English too!  He can be a bit of a worrier but he is really trying to overcome this and be a bit braver when tackling something new, so well done Louis, keep up the great work and remember to always ask for help if you need it.

Mrs Daniels

Class 8 – Year 3 – Erin

Mr Jones and Mrs Connors are delighted to say that this week’s star is Erin.  Erin loves writing, and brings her wonderful stories into school to share with the class.  This week, she wrote a fantastic story about a biscuit thief.  It was very funny and she enjoyed reading it to her teachers.  Erin tries so hard in every area of her school life and is such a lovely friend to many in the class.  Keep writing Erin, you’re wonderful.

Mrs Connors / Mr Jones

Class – Year 4 – Kiki

Kiki consistently works hard and to the best of her ability.  She has produced some beautiful written work this term filled with lovely descriptive language and exciting vocabulary.  She listens carefully in lessons and grasps new concepts quickly.  She has a very mature attitude to her work and enjoys a challenge.  Well done Kiki, keep up the good work.

Mrs James / Mrs Hamilton

Class 11 –Year 5 – Oscar

Oscar is an incredibly helpful and has a positive attitude to his learning every day. His work reflects this and he continually pushes himself by choosing the more difficult challenges.

A great start to Year 5 so far, Oscar, keep it up!

Mr Pollard / Mr Emery

Class 14 –Year 6 – Jacob

Jacob has been so passionate about our topic work ‘Wartime Britain’ that he has brought in many pieces of homework from models and artwork to artifacts and books. He has researched the topic in great detail and brings much to our class discussions. He has a great attitude to work and wants to achieve and improve in his learning. He has been impressive in maths where he has taken on many greater depth problem-solving challenges. One of the most significant things I have noticed is Jacob’s kindness. He has a lovely manner with all his peers and really thinks about others. A real star!

Mr Peck