Stars of the Week

Mrs Turner

Overall Junior Star of the Week

Class 14 – Year 6 – Kian

Kian has worked extremely hard in all areas and always has his hand up to engage in classroom discussions or give his thoughts. He has a great attitude to work and wants to achieve in his learning. He has been very impressive in maths where he has taken on many greater depth problem-solving challenges and shown good logic and skills in the process. I have been very pleased with such a positive start to the year. A wonderful start Kian!

Mr Peck

Class Stars of the Week

Class 3 –Year 1 – Sienna

The star of the week in class 3 is Sienna. She is always polite and helpful, a good friend to others and always tries her best in all lessons. I am very glad she has joined my class and I am sure she is going achieve great things this year.

Mrs Rodda

Class 6 –Year 2 – Ethan

The star of the week in Class 6 is Ethan. This week Ethan has been demonstrating great mathematical skills, whilst working on place value and locating 2 digit numbers on a number line. He has also shown that he is capable of explaining his methods of calculation to the class. Well-done Ethan, you have had a great start to Year 2

Mrs Ruffell

Class 7 – Year 3 – Ruby

Ruby is class 7’s star of the week. Ruby has settled into her new class very well. She is a friendly, helpful child who listens carefully and gets on with different tasks sensibly and to the best of her ability. She has completed several times table challenges already, brought in extra homework and is using her pen confidently in her written work.Well-done Ruby. What a great start to the year. Keep up the good work.

Mrs Peck

Class 10 – Year 4 –Callum

I am delighted to give class 10’s first star of the week to Callum. Callum arrives to school every day with a big smile on his face and an enthusiastic attitude. During every lesson Callum is eager to take part and completes his work with great pride. It’s brilliant to see!

Keep up the good work Callum

Mrs Riches

Class 12 –Year 5 – Charlie

This week’s start of the week in Class 12 is Charley who has had a fantastic start to the year and has worked extremely hard to make sure that his handwriting is the best that it can be.   Because of this, his work in his books is beautifully presented and shows that he takes great pride in what he does.  Well-done Charlie and keep up the good work.

Mr Wise

Class 13 –Year 6 – Summer-May

The star of the week this week for Class 13 is Summer-May. Summer only joined the school last week but has already settled in and started to display a wonderful attitude to learning. Summer has started her life at Penpol very positively, well-done Summer. Keep it up!

Mr Stanlake