Stars of the Week

Mrs Turner

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Class 4 – Year 1 – Tommy

This week’s overall star of the week is Tommy from class 4. I am extremely proud of Tommy and all of the hard work and effort he has put in with his reading at home and at school. It is lovely to see him growing in confidence. Keep up the good work Tommy and well done.

Miss Ryan

Overall Junior Star of the Week

Class 13 – Year 6 – Joe

The overall Junior star of the week goes to Joe.  Joe has been exceptionally helpful in the last few weeks with the school show taking over the lives of Year 6 children and teachers alike. After speaking to year 6 teachers they have been waxing lyrical about Joe’s attention to detail when ensuring props are correctly laid out and where they need to be. Back stage can be a very difficult and unnerving place to be if your props aren’t where you left them, however with Joe’s help this has not been the case. I know the teachers and staff have appreciated your hard work and I’m and sure your fellow actors appreciate it as well.

Mr Stanlake

Class Stars of the Week

Class 2 –Reception – Mason

Mason is our star of the week. His writing has improved massively and we love his enthusiasm for writing and doing his work at home. Mason has started to write sentences correctly and has stopped writing extra letters in his words that don’t need to be there. Mason also loves to do maths too. He loves to practise addition sentences at home and can double numbers. Great work Mason and keep practising.

Miss Aspden

Class 1 – Reception – Will

Will has had an amazing week. He listens beautifully in class and has got amazing knowledge and understanding of the world. At Feadon farm he was able to listen and knowledgeably answer the questions about the animals we saw. Will’s comprehension is excellent. When reading stories he is able to predict what will happen and really understands the story. Will is also excellent at retelling poems and songs. He told the class a great poem about a grasshopper; Way down south where bananas grow A grasshopper stepped on an elephants toe The elephant said with tears in his eyes Pick on someone your own size.

Miss Aspden

Class 3 –Year 1 – Louis

Louis  is this weeks star of the week. He is reading high level reading books and achieving 100% in the accelerated reading test on the computer. He is super quick at mental arithmetic and has produced lovely artwork. He is quiet in class but confident when it his turn. He is helpful and kind to his friends. Well done!

Mrs Rodda

Class 4 – Year 1 – Tacita

A big congratulations to Tacita from class 4. Tacita has had a fantastic week. She has shown great behaviour, been complimenting children’s hard work and been a good friend to everyone. Tacita we all feel very proud of you. Well done.

Miss Ryan

Class 5 –Year 2 – Stellan

Class 5 Star of the week is Stellan.  Stellan has had a great year in class 5. He has worked hard in all areas and always gives his best. He’s enthusiastic and sociable, cheerful and polite. He’s a real credit to the class and I’m sure he will continue to thrive as he takes his next step into the juniors. Well-done Stellan keep up the great work.

Mrs Daniels

Class 8 – Year 3 – Jonas

Class 8’s star of the week is Jonas Holroyd-Doveton. Jonas is a really conscientious learner who tries hard and perseveres when the learning is challenging. He is kind and helpful to his peers and is an all round star. Well done!

Mrs Connors /Mr Jones

Class 10 – Year 4 –Vinnie

Vinnie is someone who could easily get star of the week, every week. Every day Vinnie brings an incredible enthusiasm and will always apply this to his learning. He is always polite and will offer valid answers within lesson and provides good justification for his thoughts. Vinnie excels in most of the classes challenges.

Well done for a brilliant year Vinnie!

Miss Simpson

Class 12 –Year 5 – Colbie

I have been pleased with Colbie’s recent efforts with her writing. She has shown a real willingness to want to make her written work the best it can be with real enthusiasm. She produces good content and works hard at editing her own work. Colbie learns her spellings each week and always does well with weekly spelling words. She has shown a real interest with the Ancient Greek topic and produced some lovely artwork. Colbie was a fantastic Medusa on Greek day. Keep it up Colbie!

Mr Peck

Class 14 –Year 6 – Kitty

This week’s star of the week in Class 14 is Kitty.  As you may know Kitty broker her leg just before the year 6 play. However, in the true spirit of Penpol Kittle never batted an eye lid and decided the show must go on. She took to her crutches and got on with the job wowing the audience with her amazing performance.  Kitty you are a true star.  Well done!

Mr Wise