Stars of the Week

Mrs Turner

Infant Star of the Week

Class 3 – Year 1 – Rafaella

Rafaella from Class 3 is this week’s trophy winner. Rafaella always produces an excellent standard of work in all aspects of the curriculum and never complains. I can rely on her to be helpful, polite and cheerful in any situation. I will miss her next year. Well-done and good luck next year Rafaella !

Mrs Rodda

Junior Star of the Week

Class 10 – Year 4 – Corey

I am delighted to give this weeks Overall Star of the Week to Corey. Corey is someone that I could easily give this award to every week. Corey has an amazing attitude towards his learning. He always tries his best and does so with an extremely infectious giggle.

Corey has been the only member of Class 10 who has consistently read since September. This has seen Corey excel in the classes reading challenge and has won this half terms prize. It’s incredible to see the enthusiasm that Corey has for his reading.

Corey has also learnt all of times tables and is now completing all 144 questions in under 7 minutes!

Well done Corey!

Miss Simpson

Class Stars of the Week

Class 2 –Reception – Ayveeahah

Class 2’s star of the week is Ayveeahnah. Ayveeahnah is awarded Star of the Week this week for always being a kind friend to the other children in our class. Every morning when coming into school, all the adults in Class 2 are greeted by a huge smile from Ayveeahnah, meaning that we all have a great day! She always gives her best to her learning and it has been lovely to see her achieve so much over the past year. Well done Ayveeahnah, you are a superstar!

Miss Nidds

Class 4 – Year 1 – Violet

Congratulations Violet. She is this weeks star in class 4. Violet is working very hard in her maths work and has been choosing more challenging tasks when adding and subtracting. It’s lovely to see you growing in confidence Violet. Keep up the good work.

Miss Ryan

Class 6 –Year 2 – Cove

The star of the week in Class 6 is Cove. Over the past few weeks Cove has really been working hard on his handwriting skills and I am pleased to see that he is now forming all of his letters correctly. This week, whilst listening to the class story, Cove demonstrated that he had great listening skills, which then enabled him to plan and make a character puppet and complete a detailed storyboard.

Well done Cove, I am so pleased with your new handwriting!

Mrs Ruffell

Class 7 – Year 3 – Luke

Luke Learney for having a great year and always taking part in class discussions, using a wide bank of knowledge and contributing well to school life as well as being quite competitive enjoying different areas of sport. Very well done.

Mrs Jane

Class 9– Year 4 –Oscar

Oscar is a very considerate member of class 9. He is really good at explaining his learning to other pupils and helping them if they are finding something tricky. He is very knowledgeable and keen to share this during class discussions. He has a great memory for facts and really enjoys reading. Well-done Oscar.

Mrs Hamilton / Mrs Peck

Class 12 –Year 5 – Kane

I have been impressed with Kane’s recent results in tests and work outcomes. He has made better progress of late due to increased effort and focus. Kane has produced some excellent written work and did really well in recent math’s tests. His presentation of work is always of the highest quality. He has brought in some fantastic pieces of topical homework throughout the year. He has produced some fantastic artwork last week around Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. Keep up the increased efforts Kane!

Mr Peck

Class 13 –Year 6 – Ines

Ines is star of the week not just for this week, but for every week. She is always a great role model for others and tries hard in everything that she does. This has been exemplified with her part in the school play, where she has put lots of effort into becoming a fearsome pirate!!

Well done Ines, you’ve been super this week, as you have been all year, as you have been for the entire time you have been here at Penpol.

Mr Pollard