Stars of the Week

Mrs Turner

Infant Star of the Week

Class 4 – Year 1 – Ada

Huge congratulations to Ada who is this week’s overall winner of star of the week. Ada always works hard but this week, she has really impressed me with her perseverance in our maths lessons. We have been learning how to quarter numbers and dividing by 4. Ada has been concentrating, working extremely hard and working out some tricky sums. I also have to mention her fantastic knowledge about the Great Fire of London and the work she has done at home and at school on this subject. Brilliant work Ada! Congratulations!

Miss Ryan


Junior Star of the Week

Class 12 – Year 5 – Oliver

Ollie was an absolute star at Porthpean camp last week. He smiled all week and was his usual polite and cheerful self around instructors, making a great impression. He encouraged others and was a great team member. Ollie had a real go at all outdoor and adventurous activities and nothing phased him. From mountain biking down country lanes to firing bow and arrows in archery; climbing up walls or towers or leaping off high platforms and dangling from heights; kayaking across the bay to secret coves or coasteering along the coastline, Ollie did it all with a smile and war paint on his face. Great memories Ollie!

Mr Peck


Class Stars of the Week

Class  2 – Reception –Lana

Lana is a super star. She has done some amazing reading this week and her writing is coming on fantastically. She helps the other children in the class and loves to get involved in all activities. Her maths is a particular strength and she is working well within her early learning goal already for this. Her cheeky smile and charismatic personality brightens up all of our days. Super effort Lana, well-done.

Miss Nidds


Class 3 – Year 1 – Myla

Myla is class 3’s star of the week. Her handwriting and spelling have improved enormously through her effort and determination. I am very impressed that her reading age is now is now age 7 in the test. She is always patient, polite and helpful in class and very able in gymnastics. Well-done Myla.

Mrs Rodda


Class 5 – Year 2– Stellan

Stellan has been a superstar this week. During literacy he wrote some amazing descriptive sentences about Dinosaurs and then wrote an impressive fact file on the T.Rex together with a super picture.  During maths he carried out his work with money quickly and correctly without help and then did some complicated subtraction sums.  It has been a pleasure to teach him this week thank you Stellan and well done!

Mrs Turner / Mrs Hampshire / Caroline


Class 8 – Year 3 – Summer

Class 8’s star of the week is Summer Morey-Watson. This week Summer has shown a fantastic attitude to learning and has really thought about how she can make changes to improve. She has shown dedication and perseverance when completing some really challenging tasks. Well-done Summer!

Mrs Connors / Mr Jones


Class 10- Year 4 – Alex

This week I am so happy to give the star of the week to Alex. Recently, he has taken on every challenge thrown his way and hasn’t given up at the first hurdle. He is demonstrating a fantastic attitude towards his learning and is taking pride in what he achieves. Alex wrote a brilliant description this week and had the confidence to read it out to the whole class. It was such a delight to see Alex read this work with a big smile on his face.

Keep up this brilliant attitude Alex and don’t lose that smile!

Miss Simpson


Class 11 – Year 5 – Jacob

This week’s star of the week should actually be ‘the star of camp week’. Year 5 went on camp to Porthpean last week where Jacob  excelled. Jacob took responsibility for his and his tent-mates well being ensuring they all had their possessions in order as well as offering a sympathetic shoulder for some homesick children. Jacob also undertook one of the most important jobs of the week where he monitored and offered frequent updates on Cornwall’s only volcano. Jacob is also a pleasure to have in class, he often goes under the radar but his work and effort is always far above satisfactory. Keep up the good work Jacob!

Mr Stanlake