Freya and Sienna: French Stars of the Week

Mr Emery

Freya (Class 12), is a very motivated student in French.  This week, her excellent knowledge of the new topic, sports using the past tense, saw her as the overall Language Star of the Week out of the Juniors.  Her enthusiasm in class is just one of the reasons why the accolade was hers this week.  In addition, the learning in her book on what she did over the weekend was incredibly detailed.  A fantastic effort, Freya, well done!


Sienna (Class 4) was outstanding in French this week.  She demonstrated an excellent understanding of sports in French this week.   Her learning was very neat and she knew all of the 10 outdoor sports in French by the end of the lesson, clearly labelling the drawings of her favourite sports in French, as well as using the opinion “j’aime”.  Well done Sienna!