Stars of the Week

Mrs Turner

Infant Star of the Week

Class 3 – Year 1 – Ethan

The overall trophy winner this week is Ethan in class 3. He is consistently polite, helpful, thoughtful and hard working. He always gives his best and often produces more than is expected in the lesson. His handwriting and spelling have improved enormously and he has started to learn some times tables with instant answers. He has read a variety of books at a high level and is confident reading aloud to the class. Well-done Ethan.

Mrs Rodda

Junior Star of the Week

Class 13 – Year 6 – Delilah

Delilah has been magnificent this week, and all other weeks before now, always trying her best and meeting us with her great big smile and her enthusiasm.

This week has been the week of SAT’s testing, and unfortunately Dee was unable to come to school on Monday due to not being very well. This meant that she had to do both Monday’s and Tuesday’s tests on Tuesday, whilst also not being allowed to talk to her friends. This could have been a stressful time for Delilah, but she coped admirably, still with that smile on her face. Well done Delilah and thank you!

Mr Pollard

Class Stars of the Week

Class 2 – Reception – Erin

Star of the week is Erin. Everyone in class 2 has been very impressed by Erin’s positive attitude to her learning this week and we know everyone at home will be delighted for her to receive the Star of the Week award. This week Erin has shown the care she takes in her learning, by taking the time to carefully form her letters and numbers to ensure she gets them correct. Well-done Erin on a great week at school!

Miss Nidds

Class 4 – Year 1 – Harrison

Huge congratulations to Harrison who is this week’s star of the week in class 4. Harrison has had a fantastic few weeks in school and has impressed me with his ‘I can do it’ attitude. Harrison always listens and works hard but this newfound confidence is having such an impact on his work. In literacy, Harrison has been creating interesting sentences, using commas correctly and in maths, he has been learning how to multiply numbers using arrays. Well-done Harrison. I am really proud of you.

Miss Ryan

Class 6 – Year 2– Emmy

The star of the week in Class 6 is Emmy. Emmy is a quiet and polite young lady who always offers to look after her peers and  help out around the class. Over the past few weeks Emmy has really tried hard in class and shown great perseverance, whilst trying to calculate difficult number problems. She enjoys writing for pleasure  and is now demonstrating that she has the ability to edit her own work for spelling and grammar errors.

Well done Emmy and keep up the hard work.

Mrs Ruffell

Class 7 – Year 3 – Jade

Star of the week for Class 7 is Jade.  Jade has a fabulous work ethic and has worked hard in literacy and math’s to produce a lovely standard of work.  Jade has her own style and is quite creative.  She has lots of friends and is a lively happy member of the class; a delight to teach.  Well-done Jade!

Mrs Jane

Class 9 – Year 4 – Lily

Lily has been working even harder than usual in class. Each morning she greets us with a big smile and a willingness to work hard and do her best. She has become a very independent, conscientious and enthusiastic learner. This is really helping to improve her understanding and learning. What more can a teacher ask for? Well done Lily, keep up the good work.

Mrs Hamilton / Mrs Peck

Class14 – Year 6 –Finley Hendra

This week’s star of the week in Class 14 is Finley Hendra.  Finley always works very hard in class at whatever he is asked to do.  He always sets a fantastic example to everyone around him with his amazing behaviour, kindness to other children and willingness to help others.  Well-done Finley

Mr Wise