Stars of the Week – 13th October 2017

Mrs Turner

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Class 1 – Faith

Our infant star of the week is Faith. Faith has done some amazing writing this week and I am really impressed with her letter formation. She is linking sounds to letters and has written some great news writing. Faith is keen, attentive and is knowledgeable about many things and has a great attitude to her work. Well done Faith you truly deserve being star of the week for the infants. 

Miss Aspeden

Overall Junior Star of the Week 

Class 9 – Luke

Junior star of the week is Luke from year 4, Class 9.

Luke is really interested in finding out about the world around him and has a great general knowledge. He is particularly interested in those subjects, which help him to expand upon this knowledge like History and Science. He often has extra information to contribute to lessons and made a great Roman shield as part of the year 4 history homework challenge. He is also doing particularly well in maths and is already on card 4 in ‘3 Minute Maths’. Well done Luke, a great start to the year.

Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Peck

Class Stars of the Week

Class 2 – Emily 

Class 2’s star of the week is Emily.  Emily has a great attitude to her learning and she is always ready to give an answer to a question. This week she has given some brilliant answers to questions about Harvest and has shown she has been listening well. She is working really hard on her sounds and reading and is making great progress.

Miss Nidds

Class 4 – Ptolemy

This weeks star of the week is Ptolemy from Class 4. I am really pleased with Ptolemy because he is working really hard and showing lots of enthusiasm. He has started every lesson this week with “I’m going to be really good at this!” I love his new ‘I can do it attitude’! Ptolemy also did great work this week on telling the time. Congratulations Ptolemy. Keep it up.

Miss Ryan

Class 6 – Keira-Mae

The star of the week in Class 6 is Keira-Mae. Keira- Mae has had a brilliant start to the New Year and has been working very hard in all areas. Recently she has shown great perseverance during the maths lessons and has demonstrated that she is now able to solve number problems independently. She has also been working hard to improve her phonological awareness and handwriting skills.

Well done Keira-Mae and keep up the hard work!

Mrs Ruffell

Class 8 –Tess 

Tess is my star of the week because she always works hard in every area of her school life. I am delighted with how well she is reading and she is showing lots of confidence when tackling tricky words and sentences. Tess is quiet about her many successes, but as her teacher, I want to shout them out to the whole school. Well done Tess, keep reading.

Mrs Conners

Class 10 – Brodie

Star of the Week for Class 10 is Brodie.

I am delighted to give Brodie Star of the Week. He has shown an incredible attitude towards his learning and takes everything on board. Brodie has achieved full marks on every spelling test this term. Brodie himself has told me he that he practices his spellings every night and also reads. Within 3 minutes Maths Brodie has persevered and worked on his current card and I am sure he will move up soon! Keep up this brilliant attitude Brodie, you should be very proud!

Miss Simpson

Class 12 – Charlie 

Since the start of term, Charlie has shown great behaviour and attitude to learning in class. He listens carefully and works well in all areas. His presentation of work has been super and he has produced some lovely pieces of work. Keep it up Charlie!

Mr Peck

Class 14 – Sarah

Sarah is the star of the week in Class 14 this week. Sarah is always working hard and setting a fantastic example to all of her classmates through her willingness to be helpful and kind to everyone around her. Well-done Sarah.

Mr Wise