Star of the Week 6th October 2017

Mrs Turner

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Class 2 – Skye

Overall infant star of the week is Skye (class 2).

Skye is a fantastic member of class 2 who always has a smile on her face. She has been working incredibly hard with her sounds and reading and she always shows that she is willing to have a go at a new challenge.  She is a very kind member of the class and is always asking if she can help other children and adults. Well done Skye, it is lovely to have you in our class!

Miss Nidds

Overall Junior Star of the Week 

Class 12 – Ella

Ella is the junior star of the week. Ella has worked extremely hard in all areas and has produced some fabulous writing this week. She has a fantastic attitude to work and is always willing to look at what can be improved to make her work even better. She produced extra homework and has received a number of merits for effort, work presentation and super behaviour. Ella has been very helpful in class and undertakes all activities with a smile on her face. Well-done Ella!

Mr Peck

Class Stars of the Week

 Class 1 – Derora

Derora is star of the week this week. She is kind and very, very helpful in class. She has a great attitude to her work and has been trying really hard with her phonics. Derora has done some fabulous writing this week and is writing her letter sounds and name beautifully. Well-done Derora.

Miss Aspden

Class 3 – Ada

The star of the week in Class 3 is Ada. Ada achieved 100% in the accelerated reading test at level 1.5 and read her minute words in 51 seconds. Her handwriting is very neat and she is confident spelling and writing her own sentences. Ada is also an artist and her painting is featured in the Penpol Times. It is a pleasure having Ada in the class, as she is so cheerful and helpful.

Mrs Rodda

Class 5 – Dylan

Class 5 Star of week is Dylan. Dylan is incredibly kind and caring, on a recent trip he looked out for another member of the class all day. He also works really hard in class always tries his best and takes pride in all he does. He listens well and is eager to participate in all activities, well done Dylan keep up the good work

Mrs Daniels

Class 7 – Dominick

Class 7 Star of the Week goes to Dominick. Dominick is a delight to have in class and has shown that he is quite an artist and likes to produce some detailed drawings. Dominick is learning all the time and growing in confidence enjoying improving his reading and writing skills, so very well done Dominick.

Mrs Jane

Class 9 – Harrison

Harrison is already proving to be a reliable member of class 9. He works hard, listens carefully and completes tasks independently. You only have to ask once and Harrison will be getting on quietly and sensibly with what he has been asked to do. When you make suggestions to improve his work he will do his best to apply them to further develop his learning. He is a good friend to others and plays and works well with his classmates. Well done Harrison- a great start to the year. Keep up the good work.

Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Peck

Class 11 – Grace

My star of the week is Grace. Grace has worked extremely hard this week in all subjects but particularly English and maths where she has produced an amazing non-chronological report on the Industrial Revolution. Grace has also displayed resilience in maths where she has solved some tricky multiplication problems using long multiplication.

Mr Stanlake

Class 13 – Jake

The star of the week for year six is Jake Thomas from Class 13. Jake has worked really well since the start of term and contributes intelligently to whole class discussions. He is helpful and kind and always has a smile on his face. Well-done Jake!

Mr Pollard