Stars of the week 29th September 2017

Mrs Turner

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Year 1 – Class 3  –  James

Key stage 1 overall star of the week is James  from Class 3. He is enthusiastic, confident and helpful in all subjects. He is cheerful, reliable and a good friend to everyone in the class. He gained top marks in the spelling tests and achieved 100% in accelerated reading quiz. He takes care with his writing following all the rules including punctuation. Well done, I am pleased to have him in my class.

Mrs Rodda

Overall Junior Star of the Week

Year 3 – Class 7   –   Tom

This award goes to Tom who has only just joined the school and who is beginning to settle into left at Penpol really well. Tom is friendly and has worked hard to the best of his ability in the few weeks that he has been with us, getting into his stride in Class 7.

So very well done Tom, a pleasure to have you at Penpol

Mrs Jane

Class Stars of the Week 


Class 2   –  Lola

This week Class 2’s star of the week is Lola has made a great start to school and has grown in confidence over the last few weeks. She is kind to other children and always sets a great example to other children in class. She has been working brilliantly on writing her letters and numbers and always joins in with whole class activities. Well- done Lola on a fantastic start to school!

Miss Nidds

Year 1

Class 4   –   Oliver

This weeks star of the week is Oliver. Well done Oliver, you have done some lovely writing about the Gruffalo this week. Great listening!

Miss Ryan

Year 2

Class 6  –   Zachary

The star of the week from Class 6 is Zachary Eustice. This week Zachary has been working very hard on his letter and number formation and trying- hard to include punctuation in his writing. For Homework Zachary planned and wrote a lovely story about a dog that lived in the zoo. He is a very polite young man who is always happy to face new challenges with a positive attitude.

Well-done Zachary!

Mrs Raffell

Year 3

Class 8  –  Fin

This week’s star is Fin. He works really hard in every aspect of school life and is always willing to share his ideas with friends. Fin has worked really hard on all of his spellings over the last couple of weeks and has demonstrated a determined and confident attitude towards maths. Mr Jones and Mrs Connors really like Fin’s generous personality and his willingness to share. I am really looking forward to reading Fin’s story this week. He is a pleasure to teach.

Mrs Conners

Year 4

Class 10  –  Maizy

Maizy has joined our school this year and I am very happy that she has! Maizy is a model pupil with impeccable manners and an amazing attitude to her work. She always tries her best no matter what we are doing, and her presentation is incredible! Since starting Maizy has also made a great circle of friends and is a popular member of the class. Glad you’re part of Class 10 Maizy!

Miss Simpson

Year 5

Class 12  –  Emilia

I have been so impressed with Emilia’s attitude to learning this week. She has been working hard on column subtraction and through great listening and perseverance; Emilia is now completing these sums independently. She also worked brilliantly in the Mac suite when researching and gathering notes for writing. I can see her growing in confidence with her learning. Keep it up Emilia!

Mr Peck

Year 6

Class 14  – Charley

Class 14 star of the week is Charley Hendy. Charley has had a fabulous start to the year. He is incredibly polite and well mannered and always tries his best at everything he does. Charley sets a great example to everyone in Class 14 and beyond. Keep up the good work Charley.

Mr Wise