Stars of the week 22nd September 2017

Mrs Turner

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Year 2

Class 6 – Aiden

This weeks overall star of the week for the infants is  Aiden from Class 6.

Aiden has had an amazing start to Year 2 and has completed some fantastic work. This week Aiden has been looking at how we can use Story Mountains to plan and write interesting stories of our own. Aiden then reflected on this knowledge and planned a story all about a cold turtle that had hid in a cupboard under the stairs.

Keep up the hard work Aiden and I look forward to reading your finished story.

Well done!

Mrs Raffell

Overall Junior Star of the Week.

Year 5

Class 11 – Leo

The overall junior star of the week this year goes to Leo Henderson. Leo is an exceptionally helpful young man and has displayed a fantastic level of maturity over the first two weeks of term both in class and with the younger children in the play ground or at after school club. Leo’s smile can of ten be found brimming from one ear to the other and frequently brightens the day of children and staff alike. Well-done Leo.

Mr Stanlake

Class Stars of the Week. 


Class 1 – Martha

Martha is our star of the week this week. She has made a fabulous start to school. She comes in with a big smile in the mornings, is quietly confident and is really kind with her friends. Martha has amazing speaking and listening skills and is attentive in class. She tries hard and loves to participate. Great start Martha, well done.

Miss Aspden

Year 1

Class 3 – Miles 

It has been very difficult to choose a star of the week as the whole class has settled in so well. I am delighted with their effort and enthusiasm but Miles Trewhella has exceeded all expectations. He has gained 100% in accelerated reading tests, filled pages with neat, accurate calculations and painted an amazing Gruffalo picture.

Mrs Rodda

Year 2

Class 5 – Erin 

Erin has worked really hard this week and has completed a lovely short story called The Unicorn in the Meadow. She has used the appropriate story language, checked her work for sense and used the correct punctuation and her spelling is fantastic! Well done Erin, keep up the great work

Mrs Daniels

Year 3

Class 7 – Declan

Declan has already shown that he is very capable and has worked with speed and focus to complete all given tasks, particularly Maths and Literacy resulting in some amazing pieces of work. A great start as a first year junior, very well done.

Mrs Jane

Year 4

Class 9 – Oliver

Oliver has quickly settled into class 9. He works really hard and always listens very carefully in class. We know he listens carefully because he is always able to answer questions we ask and makes interesting contributions to discussions on the topics we are studying. He is able to work independently and settles quickly to the tasks he has been asked to do. Well done Oliver a great start to the year.

Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Peck

Year 5

Class 11 – Alice

Class 11 have all started year 5 with a bang, however no-one more so than Alice Hughes. Alice joined the school late last year but has already wowed me with her attitude to learning in this last two weeks. Alice’s hand is always up and she is always willing to have a go whether thats in literacy, maths, science or topic. Alice has done a great job in settling into Penpol School and is already an integral member of Class 11. Well done and keep it up!

Mr Stanlake

Year 6

Class 13 – Ben 

Star of the Week for class 13 is Ben Trathen. Ben is always very helpful, and a very diligent worker, trying his best with his work throughout the opening two weeks of term. Well-done Ben!

Mr Pollard