Caio & Otis: Computing Stars of the Week

Mr Woolcock

Key Stage 1: Caio (Class 2)

Caio has had a really positive week in Computing, particularly when presented with new challenges.  This week we’ve really been focusing on using the keyboards to type sentences (not an easy skill when you’re used to seeing lower case letters which aren’t on the keyboards!) and Caio excelled himself by writing a short story.  He got the hang of the space bar, enter key and gained confidence finding each and every letter on the keyboard.  Besides this, he’s happy to help friends nearby who aren’t finding it quite as easy.  He’s a lovely student to have in the class and he deserves the Computing Star of the Week medal this week.  Well done Caio.

Key Stage 2: Otis (Class 9)

This week we’ve been using GarageBand to make music on the computers.  Otis has really taken the tools given to him and used them fantastically to create an interesting, exciting and enjoyable piece of music in his lesson (you can listen to this below!).  Despite having only a short time to produce his tune, his enthusiasm and ability really helped him out.  Otis is always enthusiastic about Computing, every week he comes in with a smile on his face and can’t wait to find out what he’ll be learning about.  He’s a pleasure to have in class and that’s why he’s our Computing Star Of The Week this week.   Well done Otis.